Neighborhood Diaries – a citizen media program for youth in the socio-economically marginalized spaces of Calcutta – empowers underprivileged youth living in ‘slums’ as citizen journalists to research, write and disseminate unrecognized and authentic community narratives in local and global media. Neighbourhood Diaires is a program of Kalam: Margins Write, a literary arts organization in Kolkata.

Neighbourhood Diaires is a 15 session citizen-journalism workshop series faciliated by Kalam. This pilot year it is hosting workshops with youth groups in Bow Bazaar (in partnership with Sanlaap, a human rights organization) and in Khidderpore (in partnership with DIKSHA, a community based organization working on youth and sexuality).

Diaries mobilises young people to think and write about their personal and community stories, issues, and histories, as an integral and vibrant part of the socio-cultural fabric of urban India and publish them on blogs accessible to the globe. This program and practice will foster dignity within communities often viewed as powerless, illiterate, and culturally impoverished.

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