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Workshops and gatherings

Strengthening your language through digital activism – South Africa- December 2021
Strengthening your language through digital activism – Ghana and Nigeria- December 2021


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Collaborations and partnerships

The Ghanaian Wikimedia Languages Meetup – May 2024

Participatory research

Raising awareness about digital security among Dagbani language activists – 

Igbo Wikimedians: Digital safety challenges for activists preserving their language through open knowledge

Sesotho students lack access to all online content, including for their own digital safety

Twi Wikimedians share their perceptions of digital safety and their practices around it

Of the hashtag #GîkûyûTwitter, or the love for Gîkûyû language

Digital safety matters…in our language: Recommendations from a Yorùbá digital activist in Nigeria

Beyond Infrastructure: digital safety needs for an isiZulu speaking township school in Johannesburg


Knowledge sharing

Exploring the intersection of African languages and digital rights – Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum, April 2021