The development phase of the toolkit project provides a unique opportunity for us as partner organizations to learn from and co-design alongside our extensive global networks of digital language activists.

The UNESCO-led International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019 gave us a broad perspective on the language-related work of global communities, and we are currently reviewing the strategy documents and recommendations produced by digital activists and their communities.

Building upon the past seven years of close engagement with these communities through in-person events, social media campaigns, and participatory research projects, RV will continue to learn from the knowledge, skills, and experiences being shared by these digital activists.

Yet we also recognize that these communities are facing many new challenges that are also experienced by communities beyond these existing networks. For that reason, we also want to ensure that we invite into this process a diversity of people, and also open the process to groups and organizations that are working with these communities on their language promotion and revitalization efforts.

Resource curating

We’ll be curating a selection of existing resources, such as high-quality guides, tutorials, and manuals on the use of digital tools, for toolkit users. If there’s a good resource you think we should know about, please submit it using this simple form.

Inspiring Stories

Do you know of an innovative digital project that’s having an impact on languages a local, national, or global level? Let us know here (form).

Advisory group

We will be inviting digital activists from our networks in Latin America, Asia, Africa, Eurasia, and North America to offer comprehensive input and feedback throughout this process.


We’ve invited many of the Indigenous groups and collectives, as well as like-minded civil society and governmental organizations whom we’ve been fortunate to come to know, to take part in this consultation process. If you are an Indigenous or ally organization and wish to play a role in this process, please let us know here.