February 8, 2013

Proposals from February 8, 2013

Uganda: Safethree Family Planning Tips

Safe Three Family Plan shall share and train young mothers simple and safe Family planning tips. Communication, faithfulness, and protection. Discussing family issue can reduce tension in family, faithfulness shall ensure safety from HIV/AIDS use of condoms and contraceptives through discussions, will reduce unplanned and early pregnancy and STIs, reduce the number of unplanned pregnancy, improve the knowledge of family planning in the community.

Moldova: Together

…On December 14, 2012, the Vorniceni Village Council/NGO Terra1530, Republic of Moldova, approved a decision(nr. 8/16) concerning changing the destination of a land area for the purpose of arranging of a square, this constituting one of the objectives of the Socio-Economic Development Strategy of Vorniceni village. The problem of the protection and sustainable development of forests is inseparable from the problem of country's public health.

Nepal: KARMA Canvoy

The silence cry of a indigenous women who gives birth to her first baby in jungle, seldom reaches in the ears of global media. The scattered stories are left uncared and unheard. My project is about Organizing a series of digital photography group walks where young girls from remote indigenous communities can document life in their community together and create an online Flickr photography exhibit.

Tanzania: Student and Digital Life Sharing

Student's life challenges need to be addresed through social media for immediate acition from community,local leaders,institution and govenment.This can only be done through orientation to secondary studets on positive use of mobilephone,facebook, twitter,blog, local radio and local magazines.Awareness cretion on the use of social media will improve education,lifestyle,student-teacher relationship and community participation in education matters

Cameroon: Pictures of my Neigbourhood

Organizing a series of digital photography group walks where residents can document life in the Alpha Club community together and create an online Flickr photography exhibit. These pictures would also be uploaded on facebook and community members would have the opportunity to comment what they feel about each picture and what they would like to see different in the future. Workshops would be held to train community members on using facebook.