February 12, 2013

Proposals from February 12, 2013

Sri Lanka: Plantation Citizen Media Project

The vision: To bring the IT knowledge to the Plantation youth in the area. Mission: Provide maximum study facilities for those aspiring to improve in this field for which the basic infrastructure such as Computers Internet facilities will be provided with possible grants.

Uganda: I Love Being a Girl Experience Project

Project involves collecting video interviews of young women to share experiences about being a girl, about their sexuality rights in open positive way, presenting stories how they overcome obstacles, need to change, project aim is to promote self esteem positive view on sexuality/equality/diversity recognizing social pressure, contradicting messages that girls receive while growing up, the challenges that exist.

Zimbabwe: Citizen Journalism Training for Better Reporting

Bulawayo Youth Broadcasting Initiative-Y-Star fm, is a youth broadcasting initiative that seeks to provide platform for the youth to express their issues/ concerns freely in a place that does not have such platforms. In this proposal we seek to provide training to the youth, especially those from surrounding rural areas in citizen journalism using the modern tools so that they are able to report stories in their respective communities.

Uganda: Preventing Domestic Violence Digital Project

This project is intended to prevent domestic violence from occurring in families and if possible stop it completely.This will be done through digital photography ,video recording ,radio and TV Documentatiuon so as to prevent domestic violence especially involving children and battering children. I will directly involve in training the communities of Adigo village, Loro sub-county in Oyam district in northern Uganda.

Mauritania: Popular Memory

Mauritania history generly is not written and not documented as well as required. the majority of this history is popular and oral with the old generation of more than 60 years old. this very important part of history with the original language terms are about to be wasted, especially in the historical old cities registred by UNESCO as human heritage. the project is about documenting (photo,audio,video) this history, and make it available online