February 15, 2013

Proposals from February 15, 2013

Cameroon: Voicing Out To Release Post Conflict Trauma

This project will use different media to enable victims of the recurrent inter-tribal land use resources conflicts between the villages of Oku and Mbessa in the North West Region of Cameroon to expose their never considered grievances in solving the conflict. Women and children i interviewed in both communities still want to have a say about the conflict management methods. They feel more relieved when someone listens to their ordeals.

India: Awareness to Needy Ones

As we are living the International border in Bhutan and much more backword place in North-east india Assam so the maximum people in this areas are illetarate and backoward and maximum peoplle are S.T. in our place the economic condition is also so week and people are living Below Provity line they don't have a good comunication with the out side of the society due to lack of knowledge of social media and don't have any idea for that.

Kenya: Inspire Through My Voice

I would like the children to tell their own stories or bring to light issues important to them and their own communities. through photography and writing and blogging about it. i aim to open up their world to give them hope that the world is bigger than the village. I would like to provide an environment where they can do this without fear and where the content is controlled

Kenya: Girls Peer Learning Network – GPEN

To offer peer to peer training for in school adolescent girls. Girls listen more to fellow girls thank they listen to other people, the aim of this project is to mobilize and train girls as peer educations to train and mentor more girls on issued around reproductive health, sex and sexuality and girls leadership. This project will bring out girls who leaders mentoring others and making informed decisions on their lives.

India: Revival of Eco-Traditional heritage

It is proposed to document and revive the traditional practices of the indigenous communities in Rajasthan which are more-or-less associated with the conservation of nature and natural resources. It is the fact that the indigenous culture is eco-friendly. With the pace of development, the eco-centric approach is being lost. It is the need of the time to document and revive eco-traditional practices based on the symbiotic relationship with nature.

Nigeria: Raising Voices Through Beekeeping Networking

Te project is to use the local youth beekeepers (males and females)to understand and participate in peaceful coexistence in Kaduna State in Nigeria through developing a viable network that will train members in beekeeping (as volunteers) and to preach and extend peaceful coexistence in order to have a safe society that will economically viable for youth development

Uganda: Kiryandongo Voices for Development (KVD)

The project is being proposed to find ways of involving and engaging the multi-cultural Kiryandongo community in reporting issues that affect them, share those they feel passionate about through a platform and identify local solutions. It will teach residents to record and edit voices on Audacity for a community podcast to be uploaded online and distributed to radio stations in the region for a wider reach aimed at improving their lives.

Uganda: Disabled Voice Project

As a result of insurgency in Northern Uganda lead by LRA Joseph KONY thousand of women and men were killed,torture, and left without one to take care of them,with no support to disabled education and yet they are also like any other human being so this project would wont to know their problem and see how to help them.we hope to get them in to board so that helping them become easy

Zambia: Advocacy for Women Empowerment in Self Help Groups

The Advocacy for Women Empowerment in Self Help Groups is a project aimed at raising the voices of vulnerable rural women through capacity building programs in the three key pillars of the People's Development. The three key pillars of the project are the social, economic and political development. The project will empower women in the community to break the cultural trends that look at women and girls as recipients of men's decisions.

India: To Furnish the Computer Lab for the Education

We are happy to share that, at present we have a project of setting job for our students and on the 22nd of March 2010, 60 youngsters have been selected to do back office work for Dinshaw’s Dairy Foods Ltd. At present 60 students are working and 40 more students will be given training for the next group. Our target group in give training are 100 students and make them self sufficient.