February 16, 2013

Proposals from February 16, 2013

Cameroon: Community Voices for Change

Creating community voices for change (CVC) to train community members especially youth in the use of media tools (social network, blogs and phones) to raise public awareness about social and economic issues affecting them. Youth leaders will be trained using computer and internet facilities by media experts. Training will equip participants with skills to establish local network of support towards policy changes which consider youth opinions.

Uganda: Demystifying ICT in a Ugandan Rural Poor Community

I wish to initially install 10 computers and internet in a newly completed Computer Laboratory to give basic computer training to 250 Primary School children and 20 Teachers in 5 rural primary schools, 50 secondary school students and 10 teachers in the same locality and 150 adults. These have already formed readers clubs. These will access information on basic agriculture, simple income generating activities and prevention of killer disease

Zimbabwe: Transition Period of the Shangaan Marginalised Society

The Shangaan have been underrepresented in Zimbabwe as a minority group that inhabit the remotest side of the south-eastern Lowveld of Zimbabwe. Their cultural norms and values have been subject to criticism, viewed as backward and conservative. Their language over the years could not be included in the educational carricular. Through lobbying for representation, they have now received a significant representation in politics and economics.

Pakistan: Gutkha – The Cause of Mouth Cancer

Gutkha is a mixture kind of tobacco, catechu, lime and hard dry betel nuts and chewing of tobacco is injurious to health and is the cause of mouth cancer, dental carries, gum infections and so many dangerous diseases. So the main aim of this project is to aware the youth about the harms of Gutkha to saving the lives of relevant youth. Because eating the Gutkha is the cause of mouth cancer and so many youth have been expired due to this drug.

Tanzania: The Attentiveness Toward EAC Integration

To make TANZANIA communities to understand the advantages and dis advantages of EAC integration through debates, and seminars among the community for the future generation of EAC.Also the use Bongo flava musician to pass the messages of EAC using social network like Facebook,tweeter also the use of radio program with the message of EAC integration by inviting them in the radio program shows through the above ways message will reach to our target.

Uganda: Youth Educational and Training Workshop

We will conduct youth educational and training workshop on how to use blogs, digital photography and video to document life in their surrounding their communities. it will allow youth from these sub counties to interact with, learn, share values and take part in intensive skills-building workshops on use of blogs, digital photography and video, as well as social networking and how to use these measures to address their social-economic challenges

Uganda: The Digital Science Journalist

The project is about empowering main stream science journalists, both professional and citizen journalists with one aim of teaching them how to gather news using digital media as opposed to traditional ways that have always been common in news rooms.

Egypt: Healthy Right Starts from my Voice Family Breadwinner

The project aims to connect the voices of single women ( breadwinners) in 4 Governorates to get their rights in health care system just based on the law of health care for women breadwinners 23 /2012 through the training of women groups (leaders) in rural community on how to publish opinions and problems facing women heads fortieth rights in accordance with this law and discuss this through the tools and mechanics of Social Network

Bangladesh: Agricultural Knowledge Bank and Learning Centre

The proposed BAKB-Learning Centre will serve as a hub of online agricultural information management system. It will provide updated agricultural contents and location-specific agricultural technology through internet, CD and print. Also a feedback has to be developed. BAKB will be to help farmers improve the production and income from agricultural activities, and thereby, to contribute to strengthening food security and reducing poverty.

India: ‘Upekshita’-The Neglected Artisans of Isolated Community

Tribal rural isolated communities of West Bengal- Birbhum, Bankura, Purulia District-and adjacent Jharkhand State boarding West Bengal, are ironically have been teetering on the brink of subsistence. Our initiative that links primary producers to mainstream markets by organizing Workshops, Participating in Expos and Trade expositions and design a dynamic web-portal to exhibit their dexterous creative touch of artistry.