February 18, 2013

Proposals from February 18, 2013

Belize: Empowering Women & Girls in Entrepreneurship in Rural Belize

Create a theatrical performance in our native language, Garifuna on the issue of control over resources that creates differences in power between men and women in rural Belize, Central America. The performance would show the hardship and poverty of women & girls but then ultimately depict them rising from their condition into becoming entrepreneurs, making and selling their coconut oil/cream products online.

Zimbabwe: Youth Social Media Connection Zimbabwe

The project seeks to train youth led organisations in Zimbabwe on how to effectively use technology for their interventions on HIV/AIDS. Young people in Zimbabwe are now hanging out more on social media platforms and organisations need to have the capacity to formulate interventions targeting them in this form of media. At the end of the project youth organisations in Zimbabwe will be able to interact with young people more effectively

Pakistan: BangyaLIFE

Bangyal is a small town located 35 kms from Islamabad lacking the very basic facilities of life. The idea is to motivate and encourage selected people of the community especially women (households) to raise their voices through use of camera. They will post pictures of their daily life activities in the Bangyal village on Flickr highlighting barriers faced on daily basis and how they are coping with them for seeking attention of decision makers.

Israel: Empowering young social activists

While implementing independent TV journalism, ISTV is willing to open and share its facilities, staff and experience in the favor of peripheral grassroots organizations, representing marginalized groups in the Arab-Israeli society; to teach and train chosen young representatives in the usage of old and new media tools to create authentic video contents and disseminate them through existing social network, in a series of 6 workshops.

Uganda: Raising Voices on Maternal Health Rights

This project aims to use photography as a tool to communicate challenges mothers go through in their quest for maternal health services in Uganda. 4 community photographers will be identified and trained to take photos in their areas. Images that best communicate women’s reality and stories will be selected and shared on CEHURD flicker web page. 2 photo exhibition workshops will be held for the community and leaders to dialogue. It’s expected

Pakistan: Capacity-Building of youth about E-networking through Trainings

The project will provide the peer learning opportunities to local youth and awareness about e-networking, capacity building training will be provided through regular classes at Jaffarabad about usage of internet facilities and raise their voices through connecting with social media like twitter and other social networks. The youngsters will be aware about importance of social media as well about international networks.

South Sudan: ICT Enabled Life Skill and Sexuality Education for Adolescent Girls

About 1/5 of South Sudan's population is in the adolescent age group of 10-19 yrs. Unfortunately the special needs of adolescents are rarely addressed by the educational,health &family welfare programs. Reaching out to these girl particularly in rural areas is a big problem. We will be using Computer, Internet, and Digital Camera to educate, organize &empower these girls.The whole process will help the adolescent girls come together and form club

Kenya: Women Prison Knowledge Management for Sustainable Change

The project aimed at establishing and improving different range of strategies and practices women prison fraternity can use to identify, represent, distribute and enable adoption of insights and experiences of HIV prevention among inmates. Women prison has volumes of data, information and knowledge that are often unrecognized or documented due to inadequate skills, yet they can influence policy and practice within HIV and AIDS programming.

Uganda: The Dawson Wambi End Mob Violence Campaign

Dawson Wambi Jr was burnt by a mob of church goers in Northern Uganda in 2001 and Dawson Wambi Sr was murdered by village mob in Eastern Uganda in 2012. Ironically, both victims, working for peace, justice and community development under Uganda Joint Christian Council and Mpolyabigere Community Library respectively suffered mistaken identity. The project intends to mobilize local communities to observe human rights and to stop mob violence.

Pakistan: Promote KOH

This project will enable the resident of the selected area, in contributing in the social growth of the community. Till now there is no internet facility for general public in this area. This project enable the peoples to share their view all over the world. A computer and coaching center will be established.