February 19, 2013

Proposals from February 19, 2013

Philippines: Pegsalabuk Subanen Tribal Interaction

Our organization Pegsalabuk Subanen Inc. primary aim is to unite all Subanen communities within the four (4) provinces Mis. Occ., Zamboanga Del Norte, Zamboanga Del Sur, and Zamboanga Sibugay. It is very imperative for us to set up communication center possibly in all tribal barangay in order to update our co-tribal members on progress and development and all on going projects that we will introduce and all projects from the gov't for the tribe.

South Africa: Show Me Your Best….

I propose to bring together online different migrant groups living in Yeoville, Johannesburg, South Africa. The migrant groups will use the online platform to showcase their best in terms of clothing, culture, food or something they feel proud about. It will be a forum whereby they can interact and learn about different cultures while learning how to use social media. I plan to have an online competition for the best dressed person/food/picture.

Pakistan: Citizen Media in Fight Against HIV/AIDS: Making a Difference

It is the time that HIV prevention, care & support programs embrace citizen media strategy to multiply the impact by creating youth force at very grass-root level who can be able to significantly use different tools e.g. blogs, social networking sites, mobile phone, digital storytelling/video etc on a large scale with the objective of increasing awareness & decreasing stigma & discrimination, engaging community members & attracting new resources.

Albania: Youth Community E-Learning Project

The overall objective is that of enhancing education in the local territory of the city of Shkoder in the North of Albania through education and personal development of its young people. Students and young people will ‘knowledge workers’ for the world of work. all source learning activity and instructional strategy can easily be customized to incorporate and reflect the cultural preferences (such as native accents, sounds, images, etc.).

Uganda: Community Reporters’ Hub & Clinic

With the withdraw of Kony from Acholi Subregion, surviving victims of his heinous hostilities are now returning to their homes hauling a multitude of untold moving stories; Stories of shattered dreams and uncertain future. Community Reporters’ Hub & Clinic is where returnees wil gather& get free professional hands-on training on how to use small digital video&Photo cameras, Audio- recorders, the internet, basics of news writing,editing,blogi

Kenya: WOES-Walking on Egg Shells

WOES-Walking on Egg Shells is an initiative that seeks to promote progressive re-integration of ex-prisoners in their communities by blogging their struggles to fit in the community from the first day they were released from prison to bring about acceptance and to avoid the situation whereby they feel like they are walking on eggs shells because every one looks at them suspiciously once they know that they were once offenders.

Nepal: Transcending Kulung's Voice as Human Pride

10 youths from Kulung community will be trained to create blog and upload their stories online. Kulung community is deprived of enjoying their rights to self-identity and by the virtue of that excluded in development process and decision making process. This will explore Kulung language, culture, history, ancestral land and territories, myths and their life style and connection to global community that make Kulung peoples a pride as human being

Poland: Watchdog Kartuzy

Objective: social control of authorities Kartuzy Municipality. We want to achieve transparency in the activities of local authorities to ensure no corruption and effective public spending. Objectives will be fulfilled through access to public information and its publication in internet: official documents, our analysis and our recommendations to the authorities.

Uganda: Voices From The Grassroots

Voices From The Grassroots is a community news network for the poor to accelerate social change by producing videos on their unheard stories that are shown to thousands within their communities and on TV and web. It empowers the poor with an articulate voice to come up with their own solutions to their problems. It creates platforms for community discussion. It diversifies the media by training the most excluded to produce professional media

Zimbabwe: A social network for Zimbabwean voters

A social network that: – Connect voters with politicians and other voters for the purpose of equipping voters with information that will help them decide whom to vote for. – Helps young people encourage their peers to register to go and vote – Makes it easy to for new and unknown politicians to sell their manifesto