February 20, 2013

Proposals from February 20, 2013

Mexico: Interpersonal Communication between Non-digital Natives

The non-digital natives have difficulty communicating with the digital natives, so I intend to document the challenges they face, their thoughts and stories, decrear to record their experiences, stories in a warehouse that allows us to understand the change experiencing the presence of new information technologies and communication. This record will be made by recording videos, creating blogs, microblogs and social networking communications.

Nigeria: Internet Sensitization for Local Community Nigerian Girls.

I hope to randomly select 100 girls of 15 to 21years of age from my local community and organize a 1month workshop aimed at creating online presence for them and helping them realize how they can use to internet to reach out and promote their individual native cultures.

Peru: Water in Lachaqui, Poking his Past

It will value the activities performed Lachaqui farming community in the past to ensure water for irrigation. Inquire into elders, organization, rites, customs and celebrations that lavished the water and community documents. Be compiled into a booklet and a video that will be presented and distributed in the community, migrants in Lima and the world, national and international organizations, and airs on radio and TV Canta, Lima and abroad.

Zimbabwe: Promoting Citizen Journalism in Chitungwiza

The project seeks to promote citizen journalism and digital story telling among the young people of Chitungwiza. 40 citizen journalists will be trained on citizen journalism and digital story telling so that they can tell their stories in their own words. These trained citizen reporters will be responsible for generating content that will be loaded on the online www.chitownews.com.

Nigeria: Reporting Violence Against Women

Introducing the use of technology in engaging the victims and witnesses of violence such as: rape, domestic violence, abuse, sexual harassment and trafficking of women and young girls. this project involves the development and deployment of an Ushahidi-based user friendly ICT platform through which cases of violence against women can be reported by members of the public. On the streets, in the work place, market, schools, places of worship.

India: Seven Sisters Project

Seven Sisters Social project will enable citizens in North-East India and Sikkim to tell their stories to the world via mobile phones. The technology would simply use an Interactive voice response system to create a mobile reporting network for North-East India. Through Citizen media reporting participants will be empowered to share their stories over the phone and use the platform.

Kenya: We Community!

Bringing together 200 youthful revolution starters,serial innovators,out of the box thinkers and doers who want to uproot the status quo and make Kenya a better place starting from the grassroots. The event will provide a platform for the community's youth to assemble and discuss issues that avert them from realizing the full potential of effective relations with the government on matters that aim to achieve sustainable development.

Nigera: Empowerment of Female Leaders in Web 2.0

The empowerment will be targeting 60 women ages 21-35 and 90 girls ages 15-20 mainly from Osun State towns and villages for a period of 4 Months. They would be expose to workshops and training on how to access citizen media as a way to express themselves. The last month will be used for assessment and evaluation in Women inspiration Development Center. The Girls and women would be gathered from secondary schools and communities round the state

Uganda: Digital Empowerment to the Vulnerable

To Empower Rural/Urban poor adult learners to read and write English so that their capacity would be built to use digital devices to share information with their community and small scale businesses. There would be a community base training centre that would engage instructors and facilitators for the project.

Uganda: Women Entrepreneurs and the Digital World

The project shall entail women entrepreneurs who are already engaged in production and service delivery thus have marketable products through using their mobile phones (internet enabled) to market. promote,share views and notify others about their products. The project is not targeting only those women who are well versed with using the internet but also those that are not through training