February 23, 2013

Proposals from February 23, 2013

Tanzania: Saving the Young Generation from HIV/AIDS

Every day thousands of babies are conceived and some are born into this world that is faced with the HIV/AIDS disease that is a threat to mankind. By using different citizen media tools e.g. blogs, social networking sites, mobile phone, digital story telling/video etc on a large scale, the project will reach out to the community with the objective creating a free HIV generation, increasing awareness of prevention of mother to child transmissio

Tanzania: Saying No Violence Against Children

This project is dedicated to the children of Tanzania whose experience of childhood depends on what you and I do today, tomorrow and the day after. They are waiting to hold our hand, to show us what it could be like, if only we will listen and learn. The project will use citizen media to address a need to develop a comprehensive policy framework that addresses within all policy initiatives, the detriment of the current power-based model of the

Ghana: A Walk in the Savannah

The project wants to capture what is left of the Savannah woodlands which densely covered the region. Through the lenses of the digital cameras, the beauty of the Savannah woodland, the arts and culture of the people living in it will be captured by the participants which targets the interested youth in the area. The images taken will be exhibited in the Flickr account that will be created for the project as well as to be exhibited in the town.

Kenya: Walk with Me

I am proposing to train young people on how to make personal blogs a n websites that they can use to tel their own stories.Nakuru is a central business hub in East Africa and has recently opened a Library that has internet at very low costs.This is a facility that i want to attract young people to.I have a group of young talented artists who use storytelling as a communication and education tool .Some of these stories will be put in our blog.

Malawi: My Life is in Danger

My life is in dander is the name of the campaign that will bring together all rape victims to share the stories online with the aim of giving stiff punishment to rapist as most of the victims do not come open when they are raped since the society of Malawi condemn most rape victims of their dressing(min- skirts or dress). This campaign will urge all parents girls and young women to come open.

Kenya: Citizen’s Voice & Digital Action Programme.

Under representation of local women, especially in areas of deep-rooted poverty like Nyatike must be recognized through blogs to promote participation in women decision-making power in society. Activities that will close the gaps are; Instituting dialogue through blogs around social sector priority, Improve and influence resource allocation and training women on the use of blogs to create awareness to wider community women issues spectrum.

India: To Promote and Preserve Indigenous Culture and Languages

We are seeking some resources to establish a community library with a computer lab where the people of the village come together and discuss their problems and solution, children have conversation with elderly about the indigenous/old culture, folk music, arts and local language; the way to pass the cultural values into the new generation, to train the participants in computer and social networking so that they could share it with wider community

Uganda: After the War Poverty Evidence

What need to be proposed here is affect of war in this area of Apala and Abia Sub-counties which resulted into traditional way of indigenous culture of animal keeping which used to support domestic income leading to too much poverty. It is time to produce documents to show to the world for attraction of sympathizers reactions