February 25, 2013

Proposals from February 25, 2013

Kenya: I.C.T for Development and Sustainability

Offer ICT training to local farmers so that they can be empowered to be able to access markets for their various products at the right time and fetch better prices. When people especially the farmers are able to have financial sustainability through minimizing expenditure and maximizing profits then they are able to have a better quality of life, seek quality healthcare and are able to make informed political, social and economic decisions.

Peru: Meet My World Shorts

Quechua children will be trained in script-writing, storyboarding, blogging, directing and presenting in order to deliver a series of short films on customs of Andean Culture. The project brief is to record stories that make the children proud to be Quechua. The project will work to bridge the gap between the children’s traditional, indigenous roots and an increasingly modernised Peru, as well as train the children in digital media skills.

Poland: Young-in-Hearts News

We will equip a special age-group with the knowledge and abilities to use the new media as the tool to share information and experiences with the peers and to be able to be activly involved in the process of creating the content of the local newspaper. Participants will learn: researching information, selecting, photos-making and treatment into the digital materials for Internet Local Newspaper for senior citizens.

D. R. of Congo: Community Journalists Empowerment

The project aiming to empower the local community journalists on the use of new informatics media technology for the delivering and development agendas and broadcasting.The journalists will be able to update their audiences at a larger scale.Local citizens need to be helped in rising their voices with well informed and trained journalists.

Ecuador: Lives and Voices from Valle Hemoso

Valle Hermoso (Beautiful Valley) is a new community formed around a pond that didn't exist until 1995. It is needed by the people around to know how to deal with the water resource, deal with the new fauna and tell the world what is being doing about this. Using video blogs, photo galleries and social networks, the lives and voices from Valle Hermoso's people will be told to the world. Also, awareness about the water will be created.

Uganda: Created Spaces for Gender Budgeting

Gender inequality and imbalance are serious human rights challenges that are exacerbated by lack of gender budgeting in Uganda. This project will seek to address gender budgeting needs through ICT in order to promote transparency, accountability and participation of women, men, boys and girls in decisions that affect their lives. Gender budgeting can lead to gender mainstreaming which is one of the important strategies for reducing inequality

D. R. of Congo: Production of Health and Environment Podcasts

This project is to train 103 people to record and edit audio on the free software Audacity and produces podcasts to download online and distributed to local radio stations for a wider audience.

South Africa: Crowdmapping Environmental Health

To enable the community Hospital Hills, an informal settlement in Johannesburg, to raise awareness and support to address the diverse environmental health challenges facing them. This will be achieved by training community members in multimedia skills and providing them with the equipment and supervision to collectively document their concerns, and any successes, and visualise them on a Crowdmap widely accessible to the public and decision-makers

Nigeria: Participatory Community Media Voices

The project seeks to train and support (Video Editing) community people audio and video resources to create advocacy videos and ways to share produced videos via the internet space using cost effective media capture and disseminating means. We seek to promote community rights through the use of video advocacy tools, increase in participatory fashion, community research, report and non-violent advocacy using short length videos.

D. R. of Congo: Exhibition of photos and video online Flickr

This project is to create a local network of photographers to digital photos and video for an exhibition of photos and video on Flickr online environment and human rights. To get there, walking editing photos and videos will be regularly organized in different parts of the city and its surrounding villages.