February 26, 2013

Proposals from February 26, 2013

Cameroon: Promoting Girls Voices

In the past years, it is observed that the fight against sexual exploitation, child labour and forced marriage in communities is done without any involvement of the main target group (girls), and girls are expressing disagreements and wanting their voices to be heard. In this project, we will offer media training, mentoring and follow-up girls to promote their voices on issues affecting their lives.

Ukraine: Building Collaboration and Transparency

“Ukraine has severe and worsening problems with economic inequality, which in turn are fueling corruption and poor governance.” (Economist Intelligence Unit) Technology training courses in Lugansk for NGOs and govt will increase transparency and trust as well as maximize the reach of current services. Video sharing will help individuals create a forum for sharing issues and developing collaborative solutions; connecting individuals with services

Cameroon: Community Blog on Sexual Abuse

This project involves creating a blog which will address the issue of sexual abuse to young girls by teachers in schools. We will go around schools and give lectures about the disadvantages of sexual abuse to the young girl child. Learners would be able to write short articles for the blog and email it to the coordinator of the project. This articles would be edited and published on the blog.

USA: Combating Islamic Radicalization on Somali American Youth

I am proposing combating Islamic radicalization on Somali's youth in Minneapolis. I will address the root causes of Islamic radicalization, the scale and the effects on the Somali community. I will address discussion Islamic radicalization literature, shed a light the existing literature focuses too narrowly on certain aspects on Islam, such as “Jihad”—the Islamic holy war against non-believers or non Muslims, and vulnerable Youth.

Romania: Transylvanian Online Cook Book

We are trying to encourage and preserve the Transylvanian way of living,make it heard through generations-old stories and recipes. Transylvania is a very special region in Romania due to its multicultural and multiethnic influences. We will create an online platform where anyone can post their traditional recipes, pictures along with a special story they have about it, and we ourselves will record,take pictures and share some stories on our own.

Burundi: Online Young Peace Vectors

Youths from 3 tribes in Burundi were differently used and manipulated during the civil war between 1993-2005 up to now. Our project will train and mentor Young Peace Vectors (YPV) on conflict prevention and resolution and HIV that will result in a local youth network and social reintegration. Online Blog training and Training on Audio Recordings for the community use that will be uploaded online will be done and distributed to our local medias.

Ukraine: “Media and Society”

The project is aimed at facilitating the creation of the Crimean socially oriented media content with focus on issues that affect the daily life of the Crimean population. The project will promote the thesis that ordinary people can be journalists for their communities. It will include a series of actions that will allow to attract local population to the collection, creation and dissemination of information of public interest.

Tanzania: Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls

Violence against women and girls is the most widespread form of abuse worldwide, affecting one third of all women in their life time. Addressing violence against women and girls is a central development goal in its own right, and key to achieving other development outcomes. The project identifies tackling violence against women and girls as a priority and commits efforts to pilot new and innovative approaches prevent it using citizen media.

Bolivia: Rising Sex Workers’ voices

We seek to empower female sex workers providing tools to tell their own stories and claims, in defense of our human and labor rights. Through training in the management of internet and digital photography, they would access to more information to defend their rights, also is expected to tell and illustrate their stories with digital videos and audios that will be uploaded on the web site and facebook page of ONAEM

D. R. of Congo: All in Minova Informed

AMI is a capacity building initiative aiming to facilitate access to information for marginalized people and give them the opportunity to share information on their situation, challenges and perspectives. Beneficiaries will receive training in computing and access to an internet facility and guidance