February 27, 2013

Proposals from February 27, 2013

Uzbekistan: Vocalising Uzbek Ideas

‘What is the next step in Uzbekistan’s development’ is the question the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will ask the nation’s young adults to answer, through making low-budget documentaries. With the 2015 deadline for the Global Millennium Development Goals approaching, the ‘Vocalising Uzbek Ideas’ project will let Uzbek youth explore, through digital films posted online, what lies next in their nation’s road to development.

Kenya: Arid Lands Community Journalism Project

The project wishes to train professional community journalists who will run a community blog that will provide updates on news, events and projects within the community. The project aims to empower community members with professional journalism skills that will enable them cover and address their issues from their own perspective giving them the power to monitor their leaders and projects that are within their society through a blog.

South Africa: The OSCAR Youth Voices of KwaZulu Natal

The OSCAR Project seeks to teach the disadvantaged and underprivileged youth of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa how to use the digital photography and video to document life, telling stories and events. The project will unlock learning, unlock further knowledge and skills. The OSCAR Youth Voices of KwaZulu Natal will create opportunity, release potential and youth will achieve excellence.

Italy: REC! Refugees Echoes in the City

The project wants to give to refugees living in Italy the possibility to inform about their experiences, desires and perceptions about the hosting cities. Refugees will be trained about the general techniques of audio and photograph documentary and will produce a set of podcasts and pictures to tell about their previous life and the life they are living now highlighting the violation of rights they suffered in their country as well as in Italy.

Nepal: Our Untold Stories

The project involves collecting videos of the dalit (untouchable) people about their life experiences and stories, the difficulties and discriminations they have faced, how they overcame such problems, success stories from their communities. The project aims at developing their self-esteem and confidence and inspires them to break the existing systematic oppression through the expression of their lives with the medium of citizen media.

Palestine: Write for Women's Rights

From our experience in the Women's Consultations Unit, we have heard and recorded many stories about the violations against women in the Palestinian society. We want through our project to train a number of 20 social media activists who are going to produce social media content (Photo essays, blogs, audio recordings, and videos) about these women. 30 training hours will be giving and training manual will be distributed.

Nigeria: Our Voice! Our Power!

Following the 2012 flood disaster in most parts of Nigeria which according to reports affected over 2 million people particularly those living in riverine communities, there has not been any sustainable development efforts by government to alleviate the suffering of the people apart from the initial relief materials which were mostly diverted by government officials. The people particularly youths are facing severe hardship.

Uganda: Ghalálá Online

During the colonial rule Busoga kingdom used to get orders from Buganda kingdom and due to language barrier they could make mistakes during execution of the orders, after the mistakes the Basoga people were continuously abused and they were psychologically tortured which resulted into inferiority complex and the Basoga abandoned their language and resorted to Luganda and English.

Pakistan: Rising Voices from Marginalized Communities

New era is era of technology. The lives of poor and marginalized communities are characterized by voicelessness in private and public spaces making easy the poor attention paid to their needs while also depriving their families, communities and the nation of their value addition to development. This will help them to connect with world to show and share their voices and message properly and clearly.

Cameroon: Beware! Be Smart!! Be Safe!!!

This is a survivor driven public education project to use frequently used trafficking recruitment scams to empower children susceptible to trafficking to stay safe. 25 passionate young activists shall be trained to use podcast, blogs and sms to share true life stories on child trafficking and exploitation in domestic servitude, street hawking, street begging & commercial sex industry as a way of deterring others from falling prey to trafficking.