March 1, 2013

Proposals from March 1, 2013

Colombia: Children Sowers of Peace

90 children of San Bernardino schools and Carlos Alban Holguin will be formed in the audiovisual sphere, and develop awareness of the importance of living peacefully applying the five values of life in peace: respect, responsibility, tolerance, peace and justice in the development two audiovisual pieces: short film, and the diffusion of their experience to other 625 students in social networks and Youtube.

Colombia: My Life in Focus

The project is a photography and filmmaking education program for marginalized,displaced,trafficked and conflict-affected youth in Medellin, Colombia. Its main objective is to support young people to have their own, authentic voices be heard, improve their livelihoods, attain new skills, and create professional grade photography and documentaries, centered on their own stories, that can be used to educate and advocate around human rights issues

Bosnia Herzegovina: Sex Workers – Unspoken Lives

A workshop of digital story and a participatory video that will be posted online and disseminate to break the taboo around sex workers and will provide them with skills about digital media.

Afghanistan: Kabul Beat

Kabul Beat is a online magazine in two national languages of Afghanistan Dari & Pashto & English, that aims to share stories from different and undermined provinces of Afghanistan. Kabul Beat will teach 7-10 aspiring bloggers and writers from different provinces of Afghanistan who wish to write but due to financial problems and lack of access to internet can't present their writings to worldwide audience.

Argentina: Communicating Our Indigenous Peasant Assembly

Provide training and equipping to the communicator team of the Asamblea Campesina Indígena del Norte Argentino-ACINA, to generate contents, that promotes exchange experiences and participation of our communities in defense of the food sovereignty, right to land and life in our territories. Using the Internet and social networks, we want to talk our struggles and proposals, sensitize at society and mobilize more youth in our communities.

Uganda: Expririence Documentation for Victims of LRA

This project is intended to document experiences of the Victims in Northern Uganda conflict between Lords Resistance Army and Government of Uganda . this project will help to build a data base for various events such as massacre sites, mass graves and individuals victims of various human right abuse and violations ,the documentaries will be used for planning and advocacy for reparation and fundraising for the victims support / rehabilitation

Nigeria: Shine Your Eyes

In Nigeria human trafficking ranks the third most common crime after financial fraud and drug trafficking. As a source, transit and destination country, youth populations are most vulnerable. While girls are trafficked mostly for domestic servitude and commercial sexual exploitation, boys are trafficked mostly for forced labour in plantations, stone quarries and hawking. “Shine your Eyes” is an online peer education anti-trafficking project.

Tanzania: Disability Voices Against Stigmatization and Discrimination

The project aims to create awareness to the community about discarding the notion on the community that the disabled community are not normal human, but also to confirm that the disabled people are capable and can perform duties and roles that other people in the community perform. This means that at the end of the project the community is going to realize that the disabled community should not be stigmatized or discriminated due to their status

D. R. of Congo: Survivors’ Voices

The project consists of teaching women survivors of sexual violence and war in Kivu part of DRC how to use internet and creating a platform for them to exchange with the outside world. For their therapy, the documentation of how they overcame the situation and to help others know how to overcome theirs. this will help the outside world understand what is going on in DRC and bring people to put effort together to end the DRC war.

Zambia: E-Learning for Social Entrepreneurs

Using Moodle, a free software for designing Content Management System, we have managed to build an online platform that could offer user friendly interface for learning online. Users will have opportunity to interact with web2.0 tools to gain their knowledge and skills on successful social entrepreneurship. We could train at least 150 young people from Africa to become change makers online in their school, college, university or community.