March 2, 2013

Proposals from March 2, 2013

Uganda: Training Extesion workers in Voice Recording and Editing farmers’ based practices

The project is aiming at bridging the information sharing gaps between farmers and extension workers in Nakaseke District. By empowering extension providers in farm radio recording and editing we will increase the levels of information sharing and interactions with the farmers. the Training will also enable extension officers to identify farmers needs and challenges and perhaps advise them and share local content online.

Nigeria: Enhancing Community's Spaces.

Environmental Rights Action will engage oil bearing community people, so as to share their experiences using the online platforms.So this proposal seeks to amplify the voices of rural communities. Share ,Linkup with online citizen engagement and media teams .Training some community people on the process of setting up functional online forum to promote citizen participation by generated content and provide direct support to share their stories

Pakistan: Access to Education

Strengthening capacity of young rural women in social and digital media to share their Stories about problems faced to girls children to get admission and continue their education. Selection of 20 young women activists, Five (5) days Capacity building program of the group in developing digital stories, use of social media and Internet, Capacity building through peer to Peer education, Use of Social Media and stories sharing, Follow up meetings

Spain: Peoplewitness

Peoplewitness is a network of livestreamers born in November 2011. We help spread the voice of communities strongly hit by austerity measures, while traditional media only offers an official version of the crisis. Peoplewitness helps cover the citizens’ need to report their reality. We do a series of workshops to provide the knowledge, technology, motivation, support and selfconfidence people need to report their own reality through streaming.

Uganda: Memories of Moments in Our Childhood Homes

This project will be of ICT approach target people beginning lives independent free from their childhood homes. People are willing to talk about their childhood experiences with their parents or caretakers. People recall most actions of their parents. This project aims at training its members to sound and record their memories of most moments at their childhood homes.

Armenia: Women’s Voices through Citizen Media

We are planning to organize a 4-day summer camp focused on citizen media training activities the aim of which is the awareness raising and empowerment of young women and girls from rural areas. The result of this camp will be well informed, educated and empowered participants ready to advocate for their rights, trained how to raise their voices through citizen media and transmit gained knowledge and skills to their local community members.

Philippines: Bridging Intergenerational Divide – Media in Farming Communities

The threat of the loss of local agricultural knowledge is real,with the youth losing interest on farming. Young people are increasingly becoming culturally alienated. The project hopes to tap the power of media to counter this trend, with people as content creators and having control on media. The project aims to change the youth’s attitudes and enhance intergenerational communication that will preserve and promote local agricultural knowledge.

Greece: Citizen Journalism Against Ore Mining in Halkidiki

Radiobubble/Hackademy will provide training on citizen media in north-east Halkidiki, an area of northern Greece at risk of wholesale environmental and social destruction due to ore mining activities developed by Hellas Gold. Its purpose is to enable local residents to share reliable information with the wider public in Greece and abroad through means that enable them to bypass the mainstream media blackout on the issues they are facing.

Colombia: La Toma Roots

Recover the historical memory of the community Afro Colombian La Toma, in the department of Cauca. Empowering young people of the community in the use and appropriation of digital communication tools that allow them to present their cultural and ancestral heritage. We define three processes: 1. Collect information on the community through interviews and documents 2. Curated information 3. Publication and dissemination of knowledge

India: Advocacy for Forest Rights for Indigenous People

We are social worker doing advocacy for Forest rights ACT Implementation for tribal people to get Land Pattas for their cultivation lands , we wanted to do advocacy through Mobile phones and computer and focus discussions with Journalists, to send tribal voice for Government officers to get land Pattas through Forest rights Act proposed project was implemented in Buttaigudem mandal in WestGodavari District IN Andhrapradesh in INDIA