March 2, 2013

Proposals from March 2, 2013

Albania: Promote Yourself – Use the Digital Media!

The project aims at sensitizing and training the NGOs in our region about the importance of sharing the information through the use of digital and social media. An official page on social media will be created with information about NGOs in the city and their activity, such as: training opportunities, vacancies, calls for collaboration between interested organizations. The sense of volunteerism among young people will be cultivated.

Nigeria: Students Engagement with Non-Violent Change

The project is conceived as a apacity-building initiative for students on positive use of new media and social networking tools. The project seeks to mobilise marginalised platforms of students for peaceful engagements, through positive communication. The aim is to nurture vanguard of youth movements commited to online activities in academic environment with positive bearing on non-violent changes at national, regional and global levels.

Ethiopia: New World of Possibilies for Vulnerable Youths

Ethiopia is one of the highly hit nation by the pandemic of HIV/AIDS. Although, the country is showing progresses both in terms of new HIV incidence and prevalence rate, a systematic and strategic intervention is still needed to address the need of the newly appearing most at risk population groups such as in school and out of school youths whom can better be addressed via integration of peer education and social media interventions.

Kenya: IPF Green – Sauti za Vijana wa Turkana

Turkana County, the poorest in Kenya suffers from chronic underdevelopment, extreme poverty, perennial resource conflicts, in addition to an 80% illiteracy rate. This project aims to begin training the of youth in Turkana to use different citizen media participation tools with help from two local environmental NGOs to tackle the environmental & sustainable development issues affecting their County and using a human rights based approach.

Nigeria: Know your Budget

Budget is the most important economic instrument of any Nation. It translates policies, political commitments and the Nations socio-economic priorities into expenditure and taxation. Sadly, in Nigeria, in spite of the efforts of CSOs intervention efforts, most States budget are still shrouded with secrecy, lack of transparency and weak budget systems.

Rwanda: VoD1000 project

Voices Of the Disabled people in the land of thousand hills or VoD1000 project will empower young people with disabilities in Rwanda to use digital media.We will offer instruction on basic internet , and social media usage, publication design, job readiness skills, and civic engagement skills during technical training for this minority.We will create blogs and provide them with speech recognition software and other useful special software tools.

Nigeria: EmpowerFarmers

empowerFarmers aims to educate local and subsistence farmers living in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria on how to use tools like the internet, blog, digital photography and mobile phones to share their farming experience with a wider audience so as to give them a voice and improve farming conditions.

Kenya: Capejotec ICT Centre

We will specialise in ICT facilities i.e. Data collection, Ict skills training, Hardware and software repair, software development, websiting and web hosting. To digitalise most schools and surrounding communities and marketing their products through online marketing and developing softwares(tailor made) for the schools and communities to digitalise their records. We will first of all train them on computer applications and ICT skills.

Egypt: Preparing and Rehabilitating Media Cadres

Egypt is passing by a period where attack targeting media professionals that appears clearly to erase what their cameras filmed of crimes that the offender try to hide. For example, assassination of the journalist Husseini Abu-Deif and stealing his camera. Also killing a number of internet pages’ administrators as a result to the observe that new media has great impact in mobilizing public opinion and lobbying .

Pakistan: Promoting Non-Violence Among Youth

The Project focuses on young people who are vulnerable to fall a prey to the Militant groups and use them as suicide bombers. 20 young people will be selected and 7 days training will be provided to them on use of Digital media for promoting tolerance and peace. They will further share their learning with 500 young people. These activists will share the stories about tactics of militants to equip young people with skills to protect themselves.