March 3, 2013

Proposals from March 3, 2013

Taiwan (ROC): World's Up!

An idea about establishing a website, allowing users to edit, translate, and post official news from the world. So people can know the news from different point of views. Obviously, different countries have different viewpoints on the same news. Once we can get the news from different places, translated into different languages by users, then we can get a clearer picture of the fact, judging by ourselves with diverse sources of information.

Ghana: Youth Voices for Change

The YOUTH VOICES FOR CHANGE is a proposed platform that will be used to enagage peers actively and in partnership for change.Noting the crucial role modern technology plays,these mediums which is fast catching up will be exploited to communicate our cause and to drive home our demand including using it to share ideas and solutions to addressing community needs.this will virtually lead to open forum of engagement with active youth participation.

Zimbabwe: Enhancing Youth Participation in Democractic Development

The undertaking will see the training of youths on how to use online media tools to achieve their human rights activism and promote greater civic participation. Experts on citizen media shall be invited to make deliberations. And this shall benefit the youths and their communities through attaining clear knowledge on online media tools and link with the global world.Such a project will promote effectiveness in promoting democracy,justice and peace

Georgia: Students Care

Georgian mountainous region Khevsureti is famous for its culture. Local people there have limited access to new technologies, plus they face hard economic conditions, loosing motivation to spend their time&money on keeping our traditions. We students care about our culture, economy and with the research and training program aim to help community of this region adapt to ongoing processes, leading to cultural, social and economical development.

Serbia: Creative Rural Women on the World WEB

With this project we intend to build virtual bridges between traditional and new technologies as well as elderly and young rural women, with the aim to enable them to promote their products by using ITC and partnerships. 24 women from 12 villages in province of Vojvodina will be trained to prepare virtual catalogs and how to spread them on the internet, which will create new opportunities for them to enter the inter/national market.

Malawi: Improved Youth Welfare through Online Discussions

Youth are excluded in many undertakings and this negatively affects them. In our district youth don’t have forums to discuss issues and be heard by the decision makers. This project will promote open discussions and networking through training the youth and community members to use Facebook, twitter and group blogs to advocate for the improved youth welfare in areas such as HIV prevention, entrepreneurships, girls education, and risky lifestyles

Ukraine: Visualization of Local Internet Media

The project’s aim is to increase the capacity of local communities from Chernihiv region in promoting of their informative products through their visualization. The project will be implemented in two stages. Educational: preparation and holding of the seminar “Infographics in the Internet” (3 days). Practical: promotion of informative products in Internet with a help of infographics, creating by the participants (3 months); summarize.

India: Empowering Slums through Active Citizen Media

There are about eight large slums in Bhubaneswar struggling with poverty, unemployment, lack of sanitation facilities, clean drinking water etc. VIEWS would train two volunteers to use the participatory rural appraisal tools (PRA) to identify issues in the various slums and prepare a micro plan. These issues will be documented and uploaded in various social media and blogs on a regular basis thus highlighting them before a larger forum.

Guatemala: Getting to know Guatemalan's Congressmen

Guatemalan Congress is highly criticised but also highly unknown by the majority of the population (many don't speak spanish). Our project will provide the common citizen access to their representatives by letting them interact and get to know their congressmen using workshops and providing free and accessible information. We want to empower local citizens to demand their needs to their representatives and more important, question the status quo.

Pakistan: Capacity building of inhabitants of District Mardan

The project will enable people especially qualified youth to make use of online social media networks like Twitter or facebook for expression of their views about their problems. They will be encouraged to use these links regularly. This will be done through developing the capacity of target community in district Mardan. Youth will especially be trained in workshops and training sessions.