March 3, 2013

Proposals from March 3, 2013

Kenya: Youth Cafe’

This project will use social media to enlighten the youth on the benefits of making informed choices and the best ways through which they can engage politicians in order to safeguard their future. Through radio talk shows, the youth will be engaged on discussions aimed at empowering them on national development agenda. Resolutions on youth participation in development initiatives will be drafted,uploaded online and shared with the policy makers.

Nepal: Travel Story Camp on Gorilla Trek

Project involves working with communities belonging to different tourism destinations. During the project, we organize story camps at their localities to train local tourism traders and local journalists to upload contents on internet related to interesting events and activities in their localities. thats increase the digital footprint of those community and support tourism in those area.

Nigeria: Utilising ICT Tools to Enhance Profitability in Catfish Farming

Cat fish aquaculture is a serious business in Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria with huge investment in infrastructure by the individual investors, World Bank and the Lagos State Government where more than twenty thousand jobs had been created. Utilizing ICT tools such as mobile phone, internet and social media will promote efficiency and profitability through information dissemination on market,timely alert of threat and knowledge sharing among farmers.

Rwanda: Mr Help

My project seeks to say the history of indigenous people, their role in economically,culture and traditional language and how they were discriminated during pre-colonial period even now. I will accomplish this using media and historical proverbs relating to Rwandan cultural.


The project aims to form a network of local NGOs or charity organisations who are working in rural zimbabwe and have limited access to the top of the range ICT technology. The will be basically a website where the local NGOs will be incorporated as members of the network. This will show case the activities of these NGOs and the local communities thereby providing the digital media for the underpriviledged.

Tanzania: Widow Voices and New Media

The Project seeks empower single mothers in Chake Chake district Pemba Island in using new information technology telling their stories on the success and challenges they face while caring for HIV/AIDS Children. It will use Audio program and Blog to send messages to great audiences and authorities,This project is unique and will be fruitfull.

Ghana: ‘Ankonsia’ Mobile Phone Online Project

The “Ankonsia on – line using mobile phones” project is being focused on the Ankonsia community and is aimed at empowering the active users of mobile phones to be able to surf the internet for information such as News, Academic researches, social networking and also send vital information with their phones. The proposed project intends to make mobile phone technology more useful for accessing the internet by the people of Ankonsia.

Philippines: Supporting Livelihoods in an Eco-paradise Island

In Palawan, poverty is ubiquitous and unsustainable coastal and land practices are rampant (cyanide fishing, illegal logging) resulting in rapid degradation of unique biodiversity. The Ecotour guides from Busuanga know that their livelihoods depend on protecting the environment instead of thoughtlessly taking away from it. They plan to use citizen media to promote their island as ecotourism hotspot and garner support for conservation action.

Albania: Using Learning 2.0 for Youth Active Engagement

This project aims at enabling 30 youths to use Learning 2.0 to aware their peers for the importance of youth political engagement in the frame of the 2013 National Elections. The participants that will successfully complete the training will create their own project by using their gained skills. The project should be an awareness message to enhance youth voting. A youtube channel will be created & the most voted project will win the first place.

Colombia: Luis Adriano Montoya Jimenez

In rural areas in the mountains where the rivers begin, there is a danger that they will disappear due to the lack of communication. The Foundation is dedicated to work with climate change, but nothing can be done without communication. We are proposing a project with strategic sites with mobile internet so that the peasant can receive information on how we should protect the environment. We will train them so that we can say how it benefits us.