April 1, 2013

Proposals from April 1, 2013

Finalist – Mexico: The Mayan Voices of Popolá

Register the oral tradition capturing in image & video the daily life of Popolá, Mayan community of Valladolid, Mexico. Empowering children & adolescents in the use of a voice recorder & digital camera also train them in the use of free software to edit audios, images & videos that they capture. Create a blog, accounts on Twitter, YouTube, Flickr & Facebook to upload multimedia content creation. The goal is to raise 50 videos, 50 audio & 50 photos at least the duration of the project. Empowering people responsible for managing the accounts after after the completion of the financing.

Finalist – Cambodia: Bunong Ancient Myths and New Ideas

The Mondulkiri Resource and Documentation Centre (MRDC) has been active in the mountainous indigenous populated province of Mondulkiri, Cambodia in collecting, organizing and making available all data and information about the province and especially its main ethnic group, the Bunong. This project aims to continue this work by training young Bunong volunteers in producing locally-made films related to the past and present Bunong culture and on broadcasting them through social media tools developed for the global community and mobile phones for the local communities.

Finalist – Kenya: WOES -Walking On Egg Shells

WOES-Walking On Egg Shells is an initiative that seeks to promote progressive re-integration of ex-prisoners in their communities through micro-blogging that will highlight their struggles to fit in the community.This micro-blogs will unravel the journey from the first day they were released from prison in an effort to confront stigma, bring about acceptance and to avoid the situation whereby they feel like they are walking on eggs shells because every one looks at them suspiciously once they know that they were once offenders.

Finalist – Romania: Transylvanian Online Cook Book

For the multicultural and multiethnic people from Transylvania is an urgent need to preserve their language, roots and traditional values, their way of living because we are constantly threatened by the globalization and consumerism. We are responsible for our children to remember culinary traditions, to keep them and pass them along. We will create an attractive online platform where anyone can post their traditional recipes, along with pictures or special stories they have about it and we ourselves will record, photo, translate and post some stories of our own in order to encourage people.

Finalist – Mapping the “Neighborhood Cuba”

This project aims at creating an interactive map that pinpoints the too widely scattered community development projects in Cuba. It will contain basic information of each one and the description of its activities through short videos and photo galleries made by journalism students of the University of Havana as part of their training to cover local stories.

Finalist – Argentina: Mapping the Water Landscape

We suggest a mapping of the landscape of water from different views of the people of provinces of Argentina. Starting the project from two nodes: Rosario (province of Santa Fe) and Resistencia (province of Chaco.) The georeferencing process of news /stories will be made with Crowdmap (interactive map tool) This may allow the participation of organizations and citizens in a highly approachable and friendly way. Crisis Camp Argentina-Mapping the water landscape from CrisisCamp Argentina on Vimeo.