Bangladesh: Blogger Training for Human Rights

LEGAL AID CENTER AND FOUNDATION has been campaigning about the GENDER BASED VIOLENCE AND TO CREATE AWARENESS among the general public.
RAPE INSIDE THE BUS in INDIA has brought these issues in light. In Bangladesh, rape has become daily affairs and people are not getting any justice. We want to train youths regarding these affairs so that Learned Youth Groups are blogging and they know to how to blog for these Human Rights issue for awareness


  • A.R.Sikder

    Dear Mr. Haq,
    Who will be direct beneficiary and target group of your project. If the young violent groups are the target then how your project will identify them for selecting as a target beneficiary?
    How training to the non-violent groups will address the theme of the proposal

    • The target group is very clear. Young Boys and girls (not trained on social networking or blogging knowledge) will be trained. We are not providing training to someone with non rationality or violent but still there might be some one who is violent but our monitoring system will work for such problems.

      If you donot eat food because you think food may be poisoned , that will not be right decision. Rather , you must check and monitor that your food is not bad.

      we have members of our organization in almost all districts and upziallas , as such these representatives will recommend about those guys who has laptop or computer and can at least use those. So after the training , we want to get report of any human rights violence in the area so to start a campaign against such violence.

      we also put these bloggers information to our organizations newspaper (DAILY SHANDHABANI-govt registered )and we also want to spread these information to local police, MPs and administrative authorities so that they are aware AND TAKES ACTION.

      example- Indian Bus student rape

      You know about the bus student rape incident

  • A.R.Sikder

    First of all i would like to convey my thanks to the Rising Voices for extending an opportunity to make comments on proposal submitted online.

    Many of us had a mere understanding on scope of this project proposal! This project dictates only a defined target group who have had a little or zero scope of online or citizen media. Surely, it will not cover across the whole country though outcome may be resulted to wide range of geographical location.
    Thus your project target is not clear to me. Is it possible to speak few words about the provisions and those of training contents for 2200 target people of Bangladesh?
    I can’t believe these 2200 people, i mean young (male or female ?) people are violent.
    Thanks for giving me the knowledge of your great verse “Indian Bus student rape”. What does it mean?

  • I think you have no idea about GENDER BASED VIOLENCE (GBV). In Bangladesh , if open newspaper daily , you can see the assume knowledge about Gender based violence (Please see ,DAILY PROTHOM ALO ON LINE, DAILY AMAR DESH ON LINE etc)

    We are extremely working on these issue and we have LEGAL AID COMMITTEE in all upzillas. So , please calculate 10×400 = 4000 young members. Is it impossible to make gathering in each district and arrange a training on power point presentation at around 64 district where we have representatives in all upziallas and districts?

    It has been better that you ask questions and get clarified. I believe RAISING VOICE authority will be more assured and confident regarding our project.

    And thus thank you very much.

  • A.R.Sikder

    Yes, I will try learn more in the near future.

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