Bolivia: Digitizing the Besiro Language

The Besiro language is endangered and that is why we want to digitize the language through audio, photography, video to create records, data and supporting material for teaching in the education system. We will work in a community with 15 families, of which, 5 of them speak the language but who are elderly. We expect to be in social networks so that young people can use the Besiro language.


  • lorena

    I seems to be a great proyect. I hope you continue with it.

  • Bhargav Bhat

    As i am reading other applicants proposal i am actually observing what i have not seen for soo long in my community.
    Our native language of Goa Konkani is slowly dying too. we have most of the schools teaching English…new generation feels shy to speak konkani…they feel its a inferior language.
    Great issue.
    language does not die alone…it takes along culture…
    Not to offend the nursery Rhyme i am mentioning…it might be right in its context…
    But i can now see that i learned the nursery rhyme poem “Rain rain go away come again another day” in a agricultural economy.
    There is a Poem in Konkani “Ye re ye re Pausa, tula deto paisa” meaning come, rain come i will give you money” which is much much relevant to our context…
    Salute to you for identifying and working this issue…
    You might think of having some measurable outcomes or outputs of your project…Good luck..

  • marcia

    Hey I submitted a very similar proposal, about the Besiro languaje :), I think it is very important to preserve it.

  • Estimado Ignacio,

    La propuesta del proyecto me parece super interesante, digitalizar en la lengua Besiro. Si nosotros no usamos nuestra lengua, y si no difundimos, sino escribimos, quien lo hará? estamos llamados los jóvenes a trabajar en pro de nuestras lenguas y culturas, es nuestro deber y derecho!!

    Adelante hermano Ignacio!!!

    Jilalu Qhisphi (Ruben)

  • Tom Maani Bamuheire

    Go ahead and fight to preserve your local language. Thank you

    Thank you

    Tom Maani
    PROVE Uganda

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