Cameroon: Questioning Public Authorities Through Citizen Media

The project seeks to empower survivors of the 1986 Lake Nyos Gas disaster who were resettled in make shift camps and have been abandoned there without adequate shelter, food security, health and sanitation. The project trains key members of the society and equip them to be able to bring their vital voices to the global community thereby putting government to task so they can take responsibility for their action.


  • I look forward to as many comments as possible on OUR Project on Questioning Public Authorities in Cameroon over the total neglect and worsening conditions of the Survivors of the 1986 Lake Nyos survivors who have since been abandoned to themselves in otherwise makeshift camps even as they lack the essentials that people elsewhere take for granted. In an era of modern communication and information technology, they have remained still silent voices. There is an urgent and vital need for their voices to be heard especially on the global online community. We hope to work with any other concerned group or organization around the world in order to achieve our legitimate objective. We welcome all your comments, concerns and inputs.

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