· February, 2013

Proposals Albania from February, 2013

Albania: Eradication of Blood Revenge

The blood revenge is an old painful patriarchal phenomenon which still exists in the Albanian society as a means to establish self justice according to Kanun(law) This project will support women and girls from families in blood revenge to overcome their traumatic experiences by providing them psycho social assistance , vocational trainings in cooking sewing and computer to empower them to be active part in family and society

Albania: Youth Together for Local Representation and Rights

Youth representation and participation in decision-making processes remains a concerning matter in Albania. This leads to policy approaches that are out of touch with the views of young people and fail to adequately address their demands and aspirations. The project aims to bring young people of 16-21 age group in Durres city, to network and blog on issues such as youth policies, concrete actions that should be taken by Durres local organs.

Albania: Youth Community E-Learning Project

The overall objective is that of enhancing education in the local territory of the city of Shkoder in the North of Albania through education and personal development of its young people. Students and young people will ‘knowledge workers’ for the world of work. all source learning activity and instructional strategy can easily be customized to incorporate and reflect the cultural preferences (such as native accents, sounds, images, etc.).