Proposals Argentina

Argentina: Radio Los Inestables: More participation, less segregation

  March 1, 2013

Radio Los Inestables attempts to train the project participants in the use digital tools in order to increase their active participation and self-management in every stage of broadcast production. To achieve this, we will provide workshops to teach them how to record and edit audio recordings. We will also give them trainning and mentoring in the use of social networks, so they will be able to share their productions with the broader community.

Argentina: Promoting economic inclusion through citizen media

  February 24, 2013

Training on citizen media for economic disadvantage population working within the informal economy to link them with possible buyers and the local community in Rosario. The training will encourage them to promote their products, speak about their stories and realities, their survival experiences and their neighborhoods. All of this will be disseminated through a blog updated by the beneficiaries (through photos, videos, mapping, etc.)