· April, 2013

Proposals Cambodia from April, 2013

Finalist – Cambodian Citizen Journalism Project (CCJP)

  April 3, 2013

The project I'm proposing is simple. I would like to train up to 30 youth citizen journalists at a youth friendly NGO (asked not to be identified). I would like to train them 3 important things (1) blogging, Wikipedia, social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter (2) how to utilize them in a way that is relevant to their lives (3) how they can train their peers how to use them as well.

Finalist – Cambodia: Bunong Ancient Myths and New Ideas

  April 1, 2013

The Mondulkiri Resource and Documentation Centre (MRDC) has been active in the mountainous indigenous populated province of Mondulkiri, Cambodia in collecting, organizing and making available all data and information about the province and especially its main ethnic group, the Bunong. This project aims to continue this work by training young Bunong volunteers in producing locally-made films related to the past and present Bunong culture and on broadcasting them through social media tools developed for the global community and mobile phones for the local communities.