Proposals Cameroon

Cameroon: Community Blog on Sexual Abuse

  February 26, 2013

This project involves creating a blog which will address the issue of sexual abuse to young girls by teachers in schools. We will go around schools and give lectures about the disadvantages of sexual abuse to the young girl child. Learners would be able to write short articles for the blog and email it to the coordinator of the project. This articles would be edited and published on the blog.

Cameroon: Kwifon Online

  February 22, 2013

Kwifon online is a project that will enable the secret masquerade ‘kwifon’ of 3 villages (Bafut, Mankon and Nkwen) of the Ngemba tribe in Cameroon speak on internet social media for the first time. This venture is expected to consolidate the bond between the traditional rulers and their people residing in cities around the world, increase use of Ngemba languages online and facilitate resource mobilization for village development.

Cameroon: “Be The Voice: Say It Out Loud”

  February 20, 2013

Building citizen capacity to lead discussions and take actions on issues affecting their lives and their community through the effective use of blogs, online forums/groups and the social media. Phase 1: Experience sharing offline forums; tell us your story. Phase 2: Who should know and what to use; introducing citizen media modes. Phase 3: How to use it; training and workshops on digital photography, blogging and use of social media in reporting.

Cameroon: Ex-Convicts as Voluntary Community Photographers

  February 19, 2013

This project consist of training 20 ex-convict as photographers to provide images about their lives and for other community events. To sale the images of the community and at the same time doing photography for profit to end a living as a way of rehabilitation and economic development.

Cameroon: Community Voices for Change

  February 16, 2013

Creating community voices for change (CVC) to train community members especially youth in the use of media tools (social network, blogs and phones) to raise public awareness about social and economic issues affecting them. Youth leaders will be trained using computer and internet facilities by media experts. Training will equip participants with skills to establish local network of support towards policy changes which consider youth opinions.

Cameroon: Rising Voice

  February 16, 2013

In cameroon, the global climate change has a great impacts on life of indigineous population called Mbororos in the North West region. The desperation of living without a land to feed catles, living without pure water, and no portion of land to cultivate food for the family. The goverment authorities involved in corruption always claimed cows for service. This project could bring more hope by alowing mbororos population to voice out their opinion

Cameroon: We know. Let the World Know Too

  February 16, 2013

This idea plans to mobilize, train and equip 25 youths with skills and materials for grass root social media utilization for blogging in Bangem sub division of Cameroon. It focuses on engaging youths to report on hidden electoral malpractices and cultural practices which hinder the empowerment of women and youths. Trained youths will use facebook/twitter reporting and documentaries for global sharing and call for actions.

Cameroon: Voicing Out To Release Post Conflict Trauma

  February 15, 2013

This project will use different media to enable victims of the recurrent inter-tribal land use resources conflicts between the villages of Oku and Mbessa in the North West Region of Cameroon to expose their never considered grievances in solving the conflict. Women and children i interviewed in both communities still want to have a say about the conflict management methods. They feel more relieved when someone listens to their ordeals.

Cameroon: Digitising Cameroon Laws

  February 10, 2013

DCL is an initiative to promote Cameroon laws and give citizens the possibility to criticize and make suggestions to improve them and as such, we will be addressing the needs of: Demystification and vulgarization of laws, Community involvement in developing and enforcing laws. Our web platform could be used to Monitor the popularity/unpopularity of laws, get alerts of the challenges faced in the implementing laws and legal e-consulting.

Cameroon: Pictures of my Neigbourhood

  February 8, 2013

Organizing a series of digital photography group walks where residents can document life in the Alpha Club community together and create an online Flickr photography exhibit. These pictures would also be uploaded on facebook and community members would have the opportunity to comment what they feel about each picture and what they would like to see different in the future. Workshops would be held to train community members on using facebook.