· March, 2013

Proposals Chile from March, 2013

Chile: Piam

  March 4, 2013

Piam, consists in mythological histories native mapuche. These histories will be narrated by indigenous communities who live in rural area, they will be recorded in video, edited in a way didactic andexhibit in a Web page,where mapuche people can interact . The histories will be supported by drawings on the mitólogia mapuche, realized by Julio Muñoz,mapuche artist.These histories will be projected in rural schools for the mapuche children.

Chile: Mapugundun – Bringing Ancient History To Life

  March 3, 2013

The main goal of the the project is to promote the preservation and revitalization of the Mapuche language ‘Mapudungun’, targeting the Mapuche communities living in Chile and worldwide, and to raise awareness among Chileans about this ancient language. This project will assist the Mapuche communities in their effort to protect, preserve and assure the continued vitality of their linguistic and cultural heritage.

Chile: Radiating Our Realities

  March 2, 2013

We plan to work with a group of 20 women, conducting three workshops around audio and radio production with Audacity, in order to communicate experiences and create an educational space that contributes to recognizing, denouncing and stopping violence against women. The audio pieces will be released through the podcast of the Chilean Network Against Violence Against Women and broadcast on community radios