· February, 2013

Proposals in Colombia from February, 2013

February 28, 2013

Colombia: Ebookteca

In the municipality of Ariguaní believe it started in the middle of the War of a Thousand Days. While the few indigenous Chimilas, community fought against the Spanish and Creole, are not recognized as great fighters and rulers of the territory. The two populations live in separate worlds. This is an opportunity to rebuild the historical memory of a region marked by wars. Narrate through vallenato music and orality. All eBooks will be published.

February 24, 2013

Colombia: Ecología Ambulante (Ambulant Ecology)

Create a new voice from transdisciplinary knowledge and the everyday experience of rural children, through edu-communication methodology based on open-free models of collective creation to develop artistic and research practices, related to the concept of local territory with a common and amusing language. These practices will be communicated with virtual and analogical media, that emerge from interactions between diverses communities

Colombia: Youth with Positive Action For Sexual Health

This proposal seeks to empower young people in healthy lifestyles touching issues such as prevention of HIV / AIDS and early pregnancy, leading peer communication in a project and for young people and therefore includes frequently used communication systems for young people such as the internet and web sites to reach a visual way and with current communication elements such as social networks and that our project provides an online space for youn

February 22, 2013

Colombia: Radio and Forum Mariamulata

Create a Radio (internet and radio wave) and a network communication system for Rincón del Mar. Internet has arrive recently to this village. We will set up first a social Forum for Mariamulata Cultural Center, then an internet radio station open to local and communitarian use. The oral tradition and storytelling roots are rich as music and culture. How to take advantage of technology for empowerment and appropriation is what should be learn.