Proposals Ghana

Ghana: The Savannah Echoes Project

  February 19, 2013

The Savannah Echoes is a Citizen Media Toolkit Outreach Project that seeks to empower the Sakogu community of Northern Ghana to develop a community citizen media strategy comprising of a toolkit of:pod casting,Blogging/Micro blogging.Mapping,YouTube and Flickr. This citizen media toolkit will enable it have an active online representation to highlight it's climate change challenges, it's interventions and learn new intervention approaches.

Ghana: Operation let Persons with disabillity know (HIV/AIDs)

  February 19, 2013

As a result of my work last year persons with disability living with HIV/AIDS (women and men)did not know that they had the virus and going to the hospital was a problem because they were discriminated thereby care for them, was very difficult and with no support to them. Persons with disability are also like any other human being so this project would make others know their problem and see how to help them.On the basis education would be given

Ghana: Generations Connect

  February 17, 2013

The GENERATIONS CONNECT project is an initiative through which we want to connect youth groups and empower them to communicate their cause on a broader platform by adopting to modern technology which is a remote to most communities and youth in Ghana. This engagement aims at providing a one-stop point of information and a much needed source for collaboration and exchange of information among actors in the same field. This will be developed

Ghana: Media Wave

  February 16, 2013

The project is to involve community members to make their issues none to other external communities through the use of the internet, by providing a common centre for all to access the net purposely for the involvement with other external communities