Proposals Guatemala

Guatemala: Pueblo CLIC

  March 5, 2013

Pueblo CLIC is a nonprofit website, which was created with the purpose of projecting the art, culture and natural beauty of San Lucas Toliman, located around Lake Atitlan. The main idea is to boost intercultural tourism and thus, contribute to the local economy of its residents and therefore, improve lives.

Guatemala: Getting to know Guatemalan's Congressmen

Guatemalan Congress is highly criticised but also highly unknown by the majority of the population (many don't speak spanish). Our project will provide the common citizen access to their representatives by letting them interact and get to know their congressmen using workshops and providing free and accessible information. We want to empower local citizens to demand their needs to their representatives and more important, question the status quo.

Guatemala: Indigenous Community Radio Online: Horizontal Training

  March 1, 2013

The goal is to implement a training program between a group of 25 representatives from community radio stations in Guatemala. The program will utilize horizontal training between community radio stations that already broadcast online and use online social media tools with those who have yet to create an online presence. They will be trained on the “how to’s” of webcasting and social media. and learn about the benefits of using these tools.

Guatemala: Alert Network for Health Workers

  February 27, 2013

The project consists of a training program for Union leaders in order to enable them to become a network link in theri community to alert authorities on issues regarding health, safety and security issues. The network should function on an online platform where union members would have access to input information and alerts so they can activate our quick response systems throughout the country.