· March, 2013

Proposals in Hungary from March, 2013

Hungary: Youngsters Living with Disabilities Videoblogging Photoblogging

We would like to teach youngsters who live with disabilities how to use and edit social media by themselves.They would tell their life, their daily challenges, how they solve their daily problems. We would teach them how to photoblog, videoblog and would buy helmet cams which could be fixed on their wheelchair or on their head after that we teach them how to edit and upload. Those who can’t use the mouse would be helped by volenteer youngsters.

Hungary: Elimination of Stereotypes and Discrimination against Sex Workers

We wish to create an online platform and networking space for sex workers in order to communicate their every day experience for each other and the outside world. By providing insight into the sex worker realities, we wish to prevent that people feel that violence against sex workers, including rape, crime, bribe, blackmailing and exploitation is justifiable.

Hungary: Fairy Garden in Pereces

The project will accompany the starting Fairy Garden program (competence-improving workshops and camps for pupils, 3D-animation about the historic Pereces). We would like to extend this program (with participation of insiders and outsiders) with creating, maintaning and refreshing a new blog and the related social network (Twitter). We provide digital competence-imporving trainings to reach this goal.

Hungary: Don't be Blind! Love and Violence

The proposal satisfies a relevant social need: suitable mate selection. Theoretical knowledge through everyday examples and technical help to make a change throught community building. It trains women to recognize the “seriously” problem guys. My course materials on the connection personality disorders, behavioral patterns and tools with which lovers are trying to resolve their problems: men's violence and women's tricks.

Hungary: Development of Local Stories in Budapest

Our website is called Jarokelo.hu; here Budapest (Hungary) citizens can report any problem with a photo to their local municipality (eg. potholes, broken street plates etc.). We would like to introduce a mobile application to the website to make the submission of the reports easier. In addition to this we would like to hold two workshops (one for journalists, one for citizen journalists/bloggers) to help the creation of local stories.

Hungary: Kék-Sajó/Blue Sajó waltz

The objective of our project is to expand the voluntary KÉK-Sajó blog. The inhabitants of the disadvantaged villages in the vicinity of Miskolc will create the active participants and authors of the blog through photographs, photo series („circumscribed images”). At the same time web 2.0 tools (like Twitter) help to create the common content. We will set up a digital competency developing training and workshop for the participiants.