· February, 2013

Proposals in India from February, 2013

February 18, 2013

India: Life saving skills of rural women community

Women Volunteers are to be trained to take digital photos of different life saving skills followed by them and the people are to be educated to upgrade their skills according to the new era. Women are to be empowered on showing different skills which promote their economical standard of life. The marketing tie up and managing the industry with in the limit of earning are to be explained and to save a little money for their life survival.

February 17, 2013

India: Vulnerable Community Resilience Integrating with Climate Smart Actions

Coastal districts in India are very much prone to multiple disasters due to rapid changes in Climate. Poor and vulnerable communities are the primary victims for any Hazard related to Peace or Emergency time. This project will envisage the need of preparedness measures to combat the disaster situations and mitigating the rapid climate changes in peacetime. Local vulnerable communities will take up the responsibility to initiate key interventions.

February 16, 2013

India: ‘Upekshita’-The Neglected Artisans of Isolated Community

Tribal rural isolated communities of West Bengal- Birbhum, Bankura, Purulia District-and adjacent Jharkhand State boarding West Bengal, are ironically have been teetering on the brink of subsistence. Our initiative that links primary producers to mainstream markets by organizing Workshops, Participating in Expos and Trade expositions and design a dynamic web-portal to exhibit their dexterous creative touch of artistry.

India: Tribal Voice

Sitheri is a notified tribal area during 1928 in Tamilnadu. the tribal communities are become voiceless. They are isolated from the main stream. We will promote their traditional cultural dancing with songs through which they will enlighten their day to day life style , we will produce short film and sent to medias .We will also publish in the local news papers and in the by monthly magazines.They use to play their own musical instruments.

India: Empowering Unheard Voices through Radio/Films

Childhood Enhancement through Training and Action (CHETNA) is working for empowerment of Street and Working Children in India. These children are living in very difficult situations and their voices are seldom overlooked by people around. A negative perception is made in the mind sets of local people. These children have immense potential and skills that if showed/shared using film or Radio will help change perception of common people.

India: Helping Indigenous Youths To Voice Their Cultural Rights

The project will help indigenous youths to voice their cultural rights online, using Twitter and Facebook. A page for indigenous youths to promote their rich culture, share pictures of their cultural heritage with others, video of performing art, and discussions on how to further develop the practices and make it accessible for future generations and find way for preservation through a sustainable process of changes.

February 15, 2013

India: Awareness to Needy Ones

As we are living the International border in Bhutan and much more backword place in North-east india Assam so the maximum people in this areas are illetarate and backoward and maximum peoplle are S.T. in our place the economic condition is also so week and people are living Below Provity line they don't have a good comunication with the out side of the society due to lack of knowledge of social media and don't have any idea for that.

India: Revival of Eco-Traditional heritage

It is proposed to document and revive the traditional practices of the indigenous communities in Rajasthan which are more-or-less associated with the conservation of nature and natural resources. It is the fact that the indigenous culture is eco-friendly. With the pace of development, the eco-centric approach is being lost. It is the need of the time to document and revive eco-traditional practices based on the symbiotic relationship with nature.

India: To Furnish the Computer Lab for the Education

We are happy to share that, at present we have a project of setting job for our students and on the 22nd of March 2010, 60 youngsters have been selected to do back office work for Dinshaw’s Dairy Foods Ltd. At present 60 students are working and 40 more students will be given training for the next group. Our target group in give training are 100 students and make them self sufficient.

India: Women Labourers Realities (WLR)

Rising voice is a rare Initiative that recognizes the growing participation gap in digital media and journalism. It’s goal to bring new voices from new communities and languages to the ‘Conversational web’ aligns with women laboureres’ fundamental objectives are: to empower women laboureres socio – economically underprivileged women laboureres living In Matharai, Usilampatti villages as Dinamalar Journalists who will write and disseminate.