Proposals Malawi from February, 2013

Malawi: Community Radio for Accountability and Transparency

  February 28, 2013

Decentralized local governance in Malawi has not succeeded in enhancing transparency and accountability. This is, in part, due to passiveness of community. This project aims to use Community Radio as a platform to excite the local people into action. To support the issue-based radio programming will be Citizen Journalists who will make follow-ups on development projects and report on the same through the Community Radio regularly.

Malawi: My Life is in Danger

  February 23, 2013

My life is in dander is the name of the campaign that will bring together all rape victims to share the stories online with the aim of giving stiff punishment to rapist as most of the victims do not come open when they are raped since the society of Malawi condemn most rape victims of their dressing(min- skirts or dress). This campaign will urge all parents girls and young women to come open.

Malawi: Saving Lives in Ndamera

  February 20, 2013

The project will aim to empower women and sensitize men on health rights of women. The prevalence rate of HIV among children in Ndamera is high. Mother-to-child transmission is the main mode of acquisition of HIV among children. The Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission Program (PMTCT) is being implemented to control the spread. Research shows that most men in the area restrict women from getting HIV tested due to cultural reasons.