Proposals in Mexico

Mexico: The Plum, Lyrics and Vocals in Resistance

Promoting reflection in their original language Mixteco, about local history, traditions, culture and identity as a people. Through a community journalism workshop is taught to make a note, chronic, reportage and photography, using local and global dissemination to Twitter, as a bridge for feedback from other community members and those at migrants north of the continent.

Mexico: Guelaguetza Radial Femenina

We will promote the rights of indigenous people to participate in civic/citizen communication processes in digital spaces by organizing 3 training sessions for 30 indigenous women from 15 community radio stations to increase capacity to produce audio pieces with Audacity and use online tools such as podcasting. The trainings will result in a series of 12 audio pieces in Spanish and indigenous languages of stories of violence against women.

Mexico: On the Road to Zero Waste

This year we have worked with communities affected by incineration in cement plants, to identify alternatives to handling municipal solid urban waste, as part of the actions against incineration. This project proposes video documenting the process in these communities to implement zero waste plans in your town. Since the formation of cooperatives, to the work of recycling, collection and management of these wastes.

Mexico: The Mapping of Femicide in the State of Mexico

It will train a group of 30 women to develop a public platform through interactive maps, using tools like google earth and google maps. This will share data, pictures and information about places where there have been disappearances of women and femicide according to news reports and local information, which will help to raise awareness of violence in the State of Mexico and for the government to guarantee the rights of women.

Mexico: Preserving and Promoting the Mayan Language

The project pretends to preserve, to expand and to promote the conservation of the native language (Yucatec Maya) among all the social sectors, but principally between the young people, because they are who have lost the interest to continue communicating and expressing them selves using their mother tongue, the technology like the use of social networks, cellphones and the town planning of the rural sector are factors that have contributed.

Mexico: Youth Documentating its History throughout Generations Diversity

The communities involved will identify problems, necesities and cultural characteristics of their population and social context. Allowing the analysis of their current situation finding possible colective solutions. Reflection will be encouraged generating a positive impact in their social context. Concluding in the communities acknowlegement throughout their own reflections, by making use of digital media for its diffusion through social network

Mexico: Networking Organic Farmers Markets through Social Media

The project is based on a series of workshops to increase interaction between people linked to the small-scale organic farming movement in Mexico. Workshops will include capacity building on social media, creative commons, blogs, photo sharing platforms, google hangouts and other useful tools that will enable the sharing of knowledge around organic farming techniques, seed conservation, and engaging urban consumer participation in rural issues.

Mexico: Jko’ponik (Our Voice)

This project aims to contribute to the strengthening and preservation of Tsotsil language, through the articulation of a group of young tsotsil artists who, through podcasts, share their experiences, knowledge, concerns and opinions, which can be shared through local radio systems and of course, internet. Everyone is an expert in their own native tongue. Therefore, it is very important to actively involve tsotsil young people in this process.

Mexico: Aprender Fogatas

“Aprender fogatas” seeks to develop and engage community media communicators in collective learning through the collaboration between expert organizations and those who have the need or interest in it. Specifically, the project intents to build a network, through which different organizations, communities and independent media will have the chance to contribute in a political-pedagogical process that results in the formation of new communicators.

Mexico: Rising Our Voices Together

This project aims to develop a digital platform were two indigenous Mexican languages Nahuatl and Maya Yucatec can be learned. With this, we want to reconcile these languages into modernity, to give an opportunity for both communities to learn about each other but also to make these languages available to any other person interested in them. In the long-medium term, our goal is to get more indigenous languages involved to enlarge the project.