· March, 2013

Proposals in Mexico from March, 2013

Mexico: Youth Documentating its History throughout Generations Diversity

The communities involved will identify problems, necesities and cultural characteristics of their population and social context. Allowing the analysis of their current situation finding possible colective solutions. Reflection will be encouraged generating a positive impact in their social context. Concluding in the communities acknowlegement throughout their own reflections, by making use of digital media for its diffusion through social network

Mexico: Networking Organic Farmers Markets through Social Media

The project is based on a series of workshops to increase interaction between people linked to the small-scale organic farming movement in Mexico. Workshops will include capacity building on social media, creative commons, blogs, photo sharing platforms, google hangouts and other useful tools that will enable the sharing of knowledge around organic farming techniques, seed conservation, and engaging urban consumer participation in rural issues.

Mexico: Jko’ponik (Our Voice)

This project aims to contribute to the strengthening and preservation of Tsotsil language, through the articulation of a group of young tsotsil artists who, through podcasts, share their experiences, knowledge, concerns and opinions, which can be shared through local radio systems and of course, internet. Everyone is an expert in their own native tongue. Therefore, it is very important to actively involve tsotsil young people in this process.

Mexico: Aprender Fogatas

“Aprender fogatas” seeks to develop and engage community media communicators in collective learning through the collaboration between expert organizations and those who have the need or interest in it. Specifically, the project intents to build a network, through which different organizations, communities and independent media will have the chance to contribute in a political-pedagogical process that results in the formation of new communicators.

Mexico: Rising Our Voices Together

This project aims to develop a digital platform were two indigenous Mexican languages Nahuatl and Maya Yucatec can be learned. With this, we want to reconcile these languages into modernity, to give an opportunity for both communities to learn about each other but also to make these languages available to any other person interested in them. In the long-medium term, our goal is to get more indigenous languages involved to enlarge the project.

Mexico: Digital Indigenous Knowledge Project

This project is going to empower indigenous youngs to keep their customs and traditions through revaluing information of their communities since they will be allowed to invite people around the world to visit their towns.We will encourage youngs to use social networking in their daily live through a digital media basics workshop, social media contest and colaborative work.At the end,they will have tools for a base of tourism platform.

Mexico: Everybody Knows our Lives and Projects

Train 10 people from different organizations and social initiatives in disseminating their daily lives related to their social activities through digital. Training will cover from the creative use of digital camera, a basic digital literacy workshop, Workshop brief editorial, documentary storytelling workshop video blog implementation. I hope to achieve that through ICT, people spread linking their daily lives with their activities.

Mexico: All Together Against Climate Change

An Environmental Education program against climate change is running at schools in a city where the temperature through the year is too high. Students want to share their experience to the community and with others schools to be able to invite them to work against climate change and interchange innovative ideas through a blog, photographies and video.

Mexico: Environmental Video-journalism Workshop

The aim is to create a network of digital video producers that develop stories of the environment and, preferably incorporating elements of ancient Mayan culture. The intention is to train 15 young people in the use of these technologies and build a visual memory of our environment, use, protection and services. The results will be micro-video stories that are disseminated through web supported by our networks and alliances.

Mexico: Achileos, Moros y Cristianos

The project is a documentary collection of religious festivals and outs of the localities of the municipality of San Martin of the Pyramids, through the use of citizen media such as videos, pictures, blogs, social networks, among others, this will be done by girls and poor children who have no access to ICT for rescue and cultural value of their traditions.