· March, 2013

Proposals in Mexico from March, 2013

Mexico: Young Valladolid: Narrators of Local Life

The project goals are to train 30 high school students in communication ethics and the use of digital technology and to provide the neccesary equipment to make that possible. College students will aid as editors for high school students at the “TeleMágico 30″, a tv station and creative space and a goverment facility with free internet access and public computers. We hope to give the youths here a chance to learn and to speak to the world.

Mexico: Children ñahñus Change Spokespersons

Our project is to spread through citizen media, animations, stories, puppet plays and capsules made by childrens ñahñus (Otomi) about issues of gender inequality and addictions in communities of El Bothé and San Ildefonso the Amealco municipality in the state of Querétaro.