Proposals in Middle East & North Africa

Morocco: Bridges (Change, Devolpment, Improvement)

Our project is an initiative in Tiflet city in Morocco that works on teaching youth how to express them self in a positive way by giving them a lessons on how to do a podcast and also we train them on how they can use social networks for an educative purpose,and we think blogging is an effective way to let them express their ideas about different topics and we hope they will be able to help other youth that we couldn't reach the

Yemen: Empower Young People to Document Local Issues

The general objective of the project is to enable a number of youth to acquire professional skills on making surveys, documentation, and blogging online in relation to the national controversial issues in Yemen. At the end of the project, we aim to enable young people to set up a blog that covers the Southern issue and attempts to introduce the issue over a wider range. In addition, the project aims to establish a supporting network of natio

Tunisia: OWL TV

Recent analyses showed the atomization of NGO’s in Tunisia and at the same time the missing access to information for young people in order to be able to integrate in community life. Our project aims at creating the first Tunisian web TV platform to promote Tunisian NGO's to connect young citizens with civil society.

Egypt: Preparing and Rehabilitating Media Cadres

Egypt is passing by a period where attack targeting media professionals that appears clearly to erase what their cameras filmed of crimes that the offender try to hide. For example, assassination of the journalist Husseini Abu-Deif and stealing his camera. Also killing a number of internet pages’ administrators as a result to the observe that new media has great impact in mobilizing public opinion and lobbying .

Egypt: Arab Foundation for New Media

The initiative aims to support and consolidate the new media in the Arab world through the Arab youth training on how to best use social media to support various issues. The initiative also seeks through its social platform website that allows them to post news, reports, and multi-media. The initiative also aims to build a large network of new media covering all over the Arab world for the exchange of experiences and benefits .

Lebanon: Zeina Spoke

The project will bring a trainer to lead workshops on the topic of child sexual abuse to encourage survivors to break the silence by posting stories of other survivors. The participants will post the interviews on the Zeina Spoke blog, and if the people they interview show interest, we will offer a workshop for them to post as well. We hope that eventually we can prevent abuse from happening, but we are starting by breaking its taboo.

Morocco: Fors@Challenge – Giving Voice to Young Social Entrepreneurs

Fors@Challenge is the 1st competitive online reality show for social entrepreneurs in the MENA region engaging & mobilizing thousands of youth from the online community towards action. Fors@ will select 12 youth with innovative ideas tackling their communities problems. The show will be broadcasted online allowing viewers, via web presence and social media campaign, to interact and engage with the Fors@Challengers via voting, commenting & sharing

Israel: New Media for Rising Activists

A training program for a young activist group (ages 18-25). To continue their activism for universal human rights, just peace, and an end to occupation, skills in new media, photography and video will be cultivated and applied to document human rights violations. The stories will be communicated via a shared blog to raise awareness. The group will then conduct localized training for the next generation of youth activists, multiplying the impact.

Turkey: SignWeb

SignWeb will be a website for the Deaf in Turkey and other countries, featuring latest news and advancements in the Deaf World, a resource center for the Deaf, Turkish and International Sign Languages videos, and social network for the Deaf Community (which includes hearing people who know sign language.) SignWeb content would be created at our association's center, with participation by our Deaf teachers and students, and web designer.

Lebanon: Almidan Media Outreach Project

Almidan NGO in Lebanon is planning to be part of the global digital world and use the social media as a tool of conversation with the community and members. Almidan is willing to find and invite other NGOs or civil societies who share the same ideas and objectives. Therefore, Almidan’s project will create a group blog, a digital photography group and a mobile phone application to have a continuous connection among members and invitees.