Proposals in Middle East & North Africa

March 1, 2013

Egypt: Films Against All Odds

In the past few months, the degree of violence in Egypt has increased. There have been lots of cases of abduction, rape, torture and murder. Poorer neighborhoods are most subject to violence & least covered in media. A series of workshops by Filmmakers with help of activists can give a specific group the chance to self monitor human rights violations by equipping them to create Video & Audio projects to tell their stories and share it.

Israel: Project Harmony: Collaboration Through Service (CTS)

CTS is a program for Arab and Jewish teens from Jerusalem to see a self-directed service-learning project from concept to completion. After a series of skill-building workshops teens will identify an issue in their community, design a service project and implement it collaboratively. Integral to CTS is a focus on generating shareable documentation (through multimedia citizen-mapping) in order to encourage dynamic sustainability of impact.

February 27, 2013

Palestine: Write for Women's Rights

From our experience in the Women's Consultations Unit, we have heard and recorded many stories about the violations against women in the Palestinian society. We want through our project to train a number of 20 social media activists who are going to produce social media content (Photo essays, blogs, audio recordings, and videos) about these women. 30 training hours will be giving and training manual will be distributed.

February 26, 2013

Tunisia: Citizenship Visa

Our project aims at training the youth in the field of high technology and strategies of communication on social networks and other means to create a network of people who record and take pictures of situations of citizenship

February 25, 2013

Morocco: Theatre and Music, a Voice for Freedom

due to a lack of understanding of cultural differences and lack of opportunities for intercultural encounters, exchange and collaboration. 15,000 sub-Saharan migrants living in Morocco today,suffer of discrimination that's why we believe that things can change if the Morocan can see them differently if only we can have the possibility to informe them and to bring them to undertstand knowlege and reconaissance of the other is a source of grouth

Palestine: Media Monitoring Project

“Global Media Monitoring Project” address a very serious issue and shall record the first precedent in this regard. The aim of the project is to promote communication for social change through; – Building the of Palestinian women’s rights activists in monitoring the representation of the Palestinian women in the local media. – Supporting the Palestinian women to improve their representation in the local media .

February 24, 2013

Tunisia: “Sout el tounesya” the Voice of the Tunisian Woman

This initiative is a citizen journalism training project that aims to empower women through digital media and online journalism.I mean by online journalism,blogging in its main forms:articles,videos/audio and photojournalism. The main objective is to give a voice to these women and empower them to advocate for their rights and their local communities through citizen journalism.They will be trained to create blogs and mentored to train other women

Morocco: Civic Journalism Promotion

A Media project that seeks to increase Social and political awareness about the importance of giving the opportunity to Marginalized people to be integrated in society and put them in the system of change to be a model of Change Makers for others by inviting them and leting them be decision makers throught video telling and producing short Documentaries of their experiences on internet.

Palestine: The Young Blogger

It seeks to a step by step process in qualifying the ages from 10-16 to be a good bloggers for their town history,starting by mobile photographs , publishing process and how they can make a story around the photos, how this kind of work will affect the olders through the network…..

February 20, 2013

Palestine: Locked Sufferings Find its Way to the Public

The project aims to monitor life of Palestinian people living in villages adjacent to settlements, to modify their “shutted voice” to “raised voice” to international forums and to all over the world. Directly through photography (video, photograph and word) and spread it across social media networking through individual or collective pages. A group of young women living in those areas will be selected, as they're absent from media work field.