· February, 2013

Proposals Moldova from February, 2013

Moldova: Link Towards Democratization

  February 28, 2013

The project “Link towards democratization” aims to encourage the youngsters from Moldova to identify the problems their places of origin encounter as well as to draw a map of these issues and to create a radiography of this society through their lens. We are interested to find out how the young people prioritize the social problems such as unemployment, poverty, corruption, minority discriminations, and the persistence of a cold conflict.

Moldova: Together

  February 8, 2013

…On December 14, 2012, the Vorniceni Village Council/NGO Terra1530, Republic of Moldova, approved a decision(nr. 8/16) concerning changing the destination of a land area for the purpose of arranging of a square, this constituting one of the objectives of the Socio-Economic Development Strategy of Vorniceni village. The problem of the protection and sustainable development of forests is inseparable from the problem of country's public health.