· March, 2013

Proposals in Nepal from March, 2013

Finalist – Nepal: Travel Story Camp on Guerrilla Trek

Nepal is a mountainous land-locked country. Although its natural beauty is ever appreciated by all, tourism in Nepal is yet to be cultivated to match with its potentials. Inability to publicize Nepal as a destination internationally has been deemed one of the reasons. Obviously, presence of local tourism entrepreneurs on the internet is barely noticed and it has led to failure in terms of attracting prospective tourists. So it’s our endeavor to put Nepal on the global tourism map through the use of internet in a bid to positively influence the travelers as well as information seekers.

Nepal: Travel Story Camp on Gorilla Trek

Project involves working with communities belonging to different tourism destinations. During the project, we organize story camps at their localities to train local tourism traders and local journalists to upload contents on internet related to interesting events and activities in their localities. thats increase the digital footprint of those community and support tourism in those area.

Nepal: Raise and Rise

This project aims to equip survivors of trafficking with knowledge and skills of story gathering. 10 women will be trained on interview skills, recorder handling, audio editing and digital photography. They will produce a weekly radio show broadcast through local radio. We believe that empowering women with skills to interview will not only help raise their voice but also help them rise in their community where they are stigmatized and excluded.

Nepal: E-Samriddhi – Marketing for Entrepreneurship and Livelihood Development

The project intends to deliver a marketing platform for rural communities/businesses in Nepal by enabling them to create videos for their businesses. The target beneficiaries will be given a digital camera. They will be trained to use the camera its photos to create videos in a web platform called picovico and upload them on YouTube and link them to social media like facebook. This will help them market/scale up their business.

Nepal: Learning for Change

The proposed project aims to train the indigenous rural young people on computer and internet (social networking) so that they can channelize their voices to disseminate their and community situation. Introduction of computer and internet itself is new to the community and will be effective method to aware different social agencies to support to their social problems and advocate with government for better response.

Nepal: Empowering Majhis

We aim to empower them to identify their problems, and move forward to solve the problems by group discussion. In addition, we also aim to promote their language, dress, culture and their lifestyle so that it can be heard and shared for the development of this community. This project aims to discuss the actual problems; and approaches that they are taking to solve. A documentary will be prepared to capture whole process of discussion.

Nepal: Social Media vs. Environmental Awareness

This project is designed to train rural youth about Social Media & Networking. Participants from different regions of Nepal will have opportunities to share their experiences and knowledge about environmental issues via social media. Blog competition among the trainee will encourage rural youth to use the online platform, the best blog will be selected as the project blog which will be equipped with the information shared by rural & urban youth.