Proposals Nigeria from April, 2013

Finalist – Nigeria: Back to Basics (B2B)

  April 5, 2013

To train the youth on animation & produce animated short traditional igbo language moonlight folktales. This project B2B is meant to revive the dieing Igbo language & culture It's been predicted by UNESCO Advisory Committee on Language Pluralism & Multi-language Education that Igbo language & culture will go into extinct by year 2025. if nothing is done. Hence, we intend making it attractive to youth by making use of youth friendly medium of communication. I intend working with young people from already established skill learning set up so as to have an organized and systematic forum.

Finalist – Nigeria: Addressing Iwerekhan Environmental Concerns with Social Media

  April 2, 2013

With the long history of oil extraction in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria and the environmental pollution and loss of livelihoods this instigates, documentation of impacts as experienced by the local people has become very necessary. We see a profound opportunity to harness the social media platforms for training/Workshops giving a voice to the marginalized Niger Delta communities and to push oil companies & government to be transparent in their dealings with them.This project seeks to harness the social media phenomenon to give a voice to these historically marginalized people in the society