Proposals Nigeria from February, 2013

Nigeria: Ibani Language Orthography Workshop

  February 21, 2013

The Ibani Language is the mother tongue of the Ibani people found in Bonny and Opobo Communities in Rivers State, Nigeria. The language is Endangered. We proposed to train and equip as many as possible Ibani youths and adults with skills to effectively write the language and teach others using social media. Lets Speak Ibani is our facebook group page doing this for more than a year now, we hope give more tools to our people and engage them more.

Nigeria: Reporting Violence Against Women

  February 20, 2013

Introducing the use of technology in engaging the victims and witnesses of violence such as: rape, domestic violence, abuse, sexual harassment and trafficking of women and young girls. this project involves the development and deployment of an Ushahidi-based user friendly ICT platform through which cases of violence against women can be reported by members of the public. On the streets, in the work place, market, schools, places of worship.

Nigera: Empowerment of Female Leaders in Web 2.0

  February 20, 2013

The empowerment will be targeting 60 women ages 21-35 and 90 girls ages 15-20 mainly from Osun State towns and villages for a period of 4 Months. They would be expose to workshops and training on how to access citizen media as a way to express themselves. The last month will be used for assessment and evaluation in Women inspiration Development Center. The Girls and women would be gathered from secondary schools and communities round the state

Nigeria: Using ICTs for Enhancement of Democracy in Niger Delta

  February 19, 2013

Raising awareness and building understanding of (i) the potential of ICTs, particularly in the context of the vast numbers of people who are now able to connect in some way through mobile phones in Nigeria; (ii) democratic principles and practice; and (iii) the potential of ICTs for advancing democracy in Nigeria. Our activities shall include Workshops/consultations on how strategic communications and the use of ICTs can enhance democracy.

Nigeria: Raising Voices Through Beekeeping Networking

  February 15, 2013

Te project is to use the local youth beekeepers (males and females)to understand and participate in peaceful coexistence in Kaduna State in Nigeria through developing a viable network that will train members in beekeeping (as volunteers) and to preach and extend peaceful coexistence in order to have a safe society that will economically viable for youth development

Nigeria: Voices of Love Letters From Africa

  February 13, 2013

As an NGO we have been working on rural connection with the youths of different age-brackets through the use of library in providing information and networking, I offer to make inroad into the lives of the youths and women. This project is aimed at using social networks available to provide e-learning and e-connections. I hope to make the youths and women to tap the many resources that ICT and internet can afford and to provide them with links