Proposals Nigeria

Nigeria: Social Media to Reduce Maternal and Newborn Mortality

  February 26, 2013

Maternal mortality remains a daunting challenge to Nigeria: Against a global target of less than 75/100,000LB in 2015, Nigeria had 800/100,000 LB in 2011. This project will leverage on the information technology growth in Nigeria to address this problem by developing an online platform for expectant mothers to interact, engage with health officers, tell their stories and get timely medical advices on how best to take care of themselves and baby.

Nigeria: Participatory Community Media Voices

  February 25, 2013

The project seeks to train and support (Video Editing) community people audio and video resources to create advocacy videos and ways to share produced videos via the internet space using cost effective media capture and disseminating means. We seek to promote community rights through the use of video advocacy tools, increase in participatory fashion, community research, report and non-violent advocacy using short length videos.

Nigeria: Internet Use for Deaf Students

  February 25, 2013

This project is targeted towards training deafs in selected special secondary schools to use the internet to surf information, open emails and acess social networking egFacebook. I have comunication skill in american sign language(ASL) and so versed on the use of internet.I ‘ll be working with other resource persons and interpreters who will carry the participants along with good visual teaching aids and each participants practically involved.

Nigeria: “From my Heart to Yours”

  February 25, 2013

Through various workshops / trainings and monthly mentoring visits, GEM INT’L in partnership with SANROSE Information and Technology Enterprise will train 50 women from Luwuna Village on citizen media so as to create an avenue for expressions and advocacy on the status and rights of women through sharing of experiences on-line so as to gain support and be relief of their situation on regards to gender .

Nigeria: Resuscitating Efik Culture

  February 25, 2013

I intend to bring together youths 20 years and older who are natives of Efik ethnic group in Akwa-ibom State,Nigeria using Radio broadcast,street search and social media and educate them for 1month on the need to speak their native language and use it as a the primary means of communication. I intend to teach the participants how to create blogs and use social media to promote their native clothings,dress and dance.

Nigeria: Global Amalgamation Project (GAP)

  February 24, 2013

GAP is a Project designed to link remote and hard to reach communities in Afikpo South LGA of Ebonyi State of Nigeria to global village especially issues affecting disables, women, Children and Youths.. Open Community Meeting and Training on social networking (face book, e-mail, phone etc) , hosting of website, and establishment of internet connectivity center for networking, are the key activities.

Nigeria: Ibani Language Orthography Workshop

  February 21, 2013

The Ibani Language is the mother tongue of the Ibani people found in Bonny and Opobo Communities in Rivers State, Nigeria. The language is Endangered. We proposed to train and equip as many as possible Ibani youths and adults with skills to effectively write the language and teach others using social media. Lets Speak Ibani is our facebook group page doing this for more than a year now, we hope give more tools to our people and engage them more.

Nigeria: Reporting Violence Against Women

  February 20, 2013

Introducing the use of technology in engaging the victims and witnesses of violence such as: rape, domestic violence, abuse, sexual harassment and trafficking of women and young girls. this project involves the development and deployment of an Ushahidi-based user friendly ICT platform through which cases of violence against women can be reported by members of the public. On the streets, in the work place, market, schools, places of worship.

Nigera: Empowerment of Female Leaders in Web 2.0

  February 20, 2013

The empowerment will be targeting 60 women ages 21-35 and 90 girls ages 15-20 mainly from Osun State towns and villages for a period of 4 Months. They would be expose to workshops and training on how to access citizen media as a way to express themselves. The last month will be used for assessment and evaluation in Women inspiration Development Center. The Girls and women would be gathered from secondary schools and communities round the state