· April, 2013

Proposals Oceania from April, 2013

Finalist – Australia: Replenish the Earth – Voices from Aboriginal Australians

  April 2, 2013

Project REARTH aims to promote social justice. By training young Aboriginal participants in film and photography, this project will document stories from the original custodians of Australian land, resulting in a locally produced and locally directed series of short films and photo-essays exploring issues including land rights, cultural preservation and connection to country . The project will create a “film-photo-blog” where local Aboriginal Australians of NSW and QLD will be at the centre of social change.

Finalist – Palau: Youth-In-Conservation Exchange Network

  April 2, 2013

This project aims to empower the Palau youth who are involved in conservation by training them on communications and outreach strategies to promote environmental conservation in Palau, and develop an online social network to engage their peers around the world to share, learn, and support their campaign and amplify their Palauan voice in the global community.

Finalist – Fiji: Tukuni Yadua (Talking about Yadua)

  April 2, 2013

Enable the indigenous community of Denimanu to share their stories which span 40 years of effort to protect Fiji's endangered Crested Iguanas; their challenges, successes and joys; and their resilience in mitigating impacts of climate change in their village and livelihoods. Through digital imagery take a “boat ride in open waters” or “walk” around the village with them and experience their unique biodiversity, culture and people. Train village youths in compiling digital videos, photographs & oral history and to conduct historical mapping of their natural resources for future planning.