· February, 2013

Proposals in Pakistan from February, 2013

Pakistan: Labor Rights of Domestic Working Women

This Project will be accomplished by the 10 young human right activist through video documentation. CHANAN will trained both male & female from 5 districts of Pakistan. These activist will trained as Video Documentation Officers and will make some video documentaries on the issues of Domestic Working women's Labor issues in Pakistan. Theses documentaries will be presented in front of government, media, civil society etc for the border impact.

Pakistan: Rising Voices from Marginalized Communities

New era is era of technology. The lives of poor and marginalized communities are characterized by voicelessness in private and public spaces making easy the poor attention paid to their needs while also depriving their families, communities and the nation of their value addition to development. This will help them to connect with world to show and share their voices and message properly and clearly.

Pakistan: Peace Shots and Social Media for Youth Empowerment

Youth will be trained in technical and aesthetics skills of photography, the concept of peace and using effective social media through a series of workshops in Lahore. They will also record audio stories, and build a visual and oral narrative to hold online exhibition of the work. Blogs will be used to generate debate on the work and issues presented. The project will promote peace and facilitate dialogue among youth through social media.

Pakistan: Radio Vision

Aiming to provide a job market to youth with visually impairments. Radio Vision Pakistan is a project initiated by Visionary Foundation Pakistan, for persons with visual impairments, in this online radio, RJ’s that will conduct the show will be persons with visual impairments. This unique project will open a new window of job opportunities for persons with visual impairments also play a very vital role in the mainstream of the society.

Pakistan: Connecting to the world of knowledge

New generation is key to change of the abusive culture to women in form of honour killing, forced and minor marriages, marital rape and domestic violence to disfigure a women body. Connecting the youth to social media will help to sensitize and educate them to know about the women rights as human rights.The proposed project is to bring about a behaviour change through youth advocacy on women rights to end the violence against women.

Pakistan: Promoting Inter-cultural and Inter-faith Harmony

The main objectives of the proposed project are to: • Mobilize the targeted youth volunteers, both girls and boys, for the formation of district-level Intercultural and Interfaith Youth Councils (IIYCs); • Conduct capacity-building sessions and create opportunities for the IIYCs to promote intercultural and interfaith harmony and peace; • Develop linkages and coordination among IIYCs to build networks

Pakistan: Citizen Media in Fight Against HIV/AIDS: Making a Difference

It is the time that HIV prevention, care & support programs embrace citizen media strategy to multiply the impact by creating youth force at very grass-root level who can be able to significantly use different tools e.g. blogs, social networking sites, mobile phone, digital storytelling/video etc on a large scale with the objective of increasing awareness & decreasing stigma & discrimination, engaging community members & attracting new resources.

Pakistan: Education and skills for Disabled Children

We can well imagine the feelings and worries of the family with a disabled child. We can fully realize the hard work that a normal and educated man has to put in to survive in our society. It is not difficult to imagine the fate of disabled, deaf and dumb or blind children in such society. It is a bitter fact that a time also comes when these disabled children become a burden on their parents, brothers & sisters.

Pakistan: CES women vocational training Centre

We propose women empowerment project because we feel if there women would be empowered, society will get best reward of it. We have to empower women by giving them skilled expertise. So that they would become helping citizen of the society and they will become independent to look after their families.

Pakistan: Women Right Media Training.

The women and the youth groups of the marginalized communities need to be helped in saying their voices on the issues of their domestic slavery,education barriers,health issues,sanitation,safe water and gender inequity along with financial crisis. It needs to be supported by the human rights groups, the social media working talents to voice for their rights in and the globally by educating and training them to use all sort of communications,IEC.