· March, 2013

Proposals in Pakistan from March, 2013

March 29, 2013

Finalist – Pakistan: Radio Vision

Presently, majority of the vulnerable youth with special needs tends to withdraw from the society, hiding its talents and potential. Aiming to provide a job market to youth with visually impairments. Radio Vision Pakistan is a project initiated by Visionary Foundation Pakistan, for persons with visual impairments, in this online radio, RJ’s that will conduct the show will be persons with visual impairments. This unique project will open a new window of job opportunities for persons with visual impairments also play a very vital role in the mainstream of the society.

March 4, 2013

Pakistan: The Minority's Voice

Our goal is to work in collaboration with The Garage School, an NGO engaged in educating the under-privileged children from a slum area located in Clifton, Karachi. Most of these children and their families belong to various religious minority groups. We wish to educate these children and their mothers in various social networking tools to spread their stories and problems on a larger platform through a series of workshops.

Pakistan: Pukar

The main focus of our project is to enhance the skills to use the social media (facebook, twitter,e-mail, digital library, etc) to tell and share their stories. In this way can raise their vice at local and global level.

Pakistan: Social Rehabilitation of CSEC

Commercially, sexually exploited children-CSEC are those children who are sexually exploited & then they become teen age sex workers. CSEC are not born but made by the society who are highly stigmatized & socially isolated. This project will provide social rehabilitation & awareness to 50 CSEC to enter the main life streaming by sharing their stories using blogs, digital photography, digital videos, mobile phones, social networking.

March 3, 2013

Pakistan: Capacity building of inhabitants of District Mardan

The project will enable people especially qualified youth to make use of online social media networks like Twitter or facebook for expression of their views about their problems. They will be encouraged to use these links regularly. This will be done through developing the capacity of target community in district Mardan. Youth will especially be trained in workshops and training sessions.

Pakistan: Capacity Building (Gender Mainstreaming) of Community Activists

This project will be implemented at Unioun Council(UC) Lamnian,district Hattian,AJ&K.Ther total 80 community activists will be trained in the field of Gender main streaming and women empowerment.They will be sensitized that why the participation of the women in development is most important and we can not ensure the real development in the region with out the active and productive participation of the women in all fields of the development.

Pakistan: Digital Green-up

A nature club will be formed in 5 schools. They will be trained for green photography and using computers in “SDO Resource Centre” for copying, sharing, printing photos. They will make plantation of 1000 plants in SWAT area (taking support from the forest department) and all this interesting activity will be digitally captured using mobile phone and digital cameras. Competion winner will have some reward in cash/trophy etc.

March 2, 2013

Pakistan: Access to Education

Strengthening capacity of young rural women in social and digital media to share their Stories about problems faced to girls children to get admission and continue their education. Selection of 20 young women activists, Five (5) days Capacity building program of the group in developing digital stories, use of social media and Internet, Capacity building through peer to Peer education, Use of Social Media and stories sharing, Follow up meetings

Pakistan: Promoting Non-Violence Among Youth

The Project focuses on young people who are vulnerable to fall a prey to the Militant groups and use them as suicide bombers. 20 young people will be selected and 7 days training will be provided to them on use of Digital media for promoting tolerance and peace. They will further share their learning with 500 young people. These activists will share the stories about tactics of militants to equip young people with skills to protect themselves.

Pakistan: Radio Broadcast and journalist Training Project

The purpose for which this grant is being sought is to strengthen radio stations reporting and programming skills. More than 45% of the Pakistani population lives in poverty, and two-thirds of this figure living in rural areas. Some 65% of people living in rural areas are illiterate and lack access to news and information. Most of the radio presenters are working without basic training of broadcasting.