Proposals Peru

Peru: Multimedia Conferences in the Central Andes

  February 28, 2013

The project considers a 4-day free conferences in order to transfer capacities in digital online planning, production, financing and promotion. In the mornings participants will attend a media projects workshop: DAY 1. Idea/Objectives, D2. Planning, D3. Budget & Fundraising and D4. Outreach. In the afternoons will attend conferences by experts on the following topics: DAY 1. Blog, D2. Vlog, D3. Podcast and D4. Photoblog.

Peru: Meet My World Shorts

  February 25, 2013

Quechua children will be trained in script-writing, storyboarding, blogging, directing and presenting in order to deliver a series of short films on customs of Andean Culture. The project brief is to record stories that make the children proud to be Quechua. The project will work to bridge the gap between the children’s traditional, indigenous roots and an increasingly modernised Peru, as well as train the children in digital media skills.

Peru: Water in Lachaqui, Poking his Past

  February 20, 2013

It will value the activities performed Lachaqui farming community in the past to ensure water for irrigation. Inquire into elders, organization, rites, customs and celebrations that lavished the water and community documents. Be compiled into a booklet and a video that will be presented and distributed in the community, migrants in Lima and the world, national and international organizations, and airs on radio and TV Canta, Lima and abroad.