· March, 2013

Proposals Philippines from March, 2013

Philippines: BALSA Mindanao People's Media Lab

BALSA Mindanao (Bulig Alang Sa Mindanao/Help for Mindanao) is a citizen-led mobilization for disaster response and climate justice advocacy in Mindanao. The People's Media Lab will be a community-access new media training initiative for those in the frontlines of rebuilding and rehabilitation of typhoon-destroyed areas. The Philippines was ranked 4th most vulnerable country from climate change and extreme weather in 2012 (UN).

Philippines: Supporting Livelihoods in an Eco-paradise Island

  March 3, 2013

In Palawan, poverty is ubiquitous and unsustainable coastal and land practices are rampant (cyanide fishing, illegal logging) resulting in rapid degradation of unique biodiversity. The Ecotour guides from Busuanga know that their livelihoods depend on protecting the environment instead of thoughtlessly taking away from it. They plan to use citizen media to promote their island as ecotourism hotspot and garner support for conservation action.

Philippines: Singing Our Way To Your Hearts

  March 3, 2013

The project involves forming a group of marginalised IP children and youth and training them to promote and preserve their native culture. The project will facilitate the production of online content that will be shared to a broader audience using citizen media tools. The project will also contribute to the scaling up of the initiative with the women (mothers) thereby further strengthening its impact and maximising resources for optimum results.

Philippines: Bridging Intergenerational Divide – Media in Farming Communities

  March 2, 2013

The threat of the loss of local agricultural knowledge is real,with the youth losing interest on farming. Young people are increasingly becoming culturally alienated. The project hopes to tap the power of media to counter this trend, with people as content creators and having control on media. The project aims to change the youth’s attitudes and enhance intergenerational communication that will preserve and promote local agricultural knowledge.

Philippines: Bangsamoro Seeds for Peace and Development

  March 2, 2013

The project's main thrust is to enable the Bangamoro youth in mounting a website where all their development projects and citizen-led initiatives could be documented, monitored, and seen by the Filipino people and donor agencies. A media production & citizen journalism training will held involving at least 100 Bangsamoro youth, along with a social accountability course to enable them to monitor key development projects in the Bangsamoro region.

Philippines: Feeding Online the Songs and Tales on Environment and Rights

  March 1, 2013

FOSTER will help propagate songs and tales on environmental challenges in Mindanao and on how people cope and respond to them. Initially, it will create a “music album” of original songs produced in a prior CEC songwriting workshop. We will hold a workshop with local artists and environmental advocates to polish the songs for recording, and on audio-video recording & editing, creating their own online video channel, and uploading videos to them.