· February, 2013

Proposals in Romania from February, 2013

February 28, 2013

Romania: Photo Voices

The project is to strengthen te abilities of a group of adolescents and youth who currently have no abilities for making an online photo exposition. The participants will develope and disseminate stories by a blog. The project will empower the adolescents with communication and news blogging skills, use of internet and website uploading and pave a way to reach a larger community and share the live of a roma comunities with photo art.

Romania: Roma Community has Added You as a Friend

The scope of our project is to draw the attention of both local authorities and local media towards Roma communities in Iasi County, Romania. We aim to bring their everyday problems (discrimination, poverty, unemployment, difficult living conditions etc.) closer to decision-makers, seeing that they are both under and misrepresented in this process. We plan and hope to change mentalities and realities by socially empowering them as a community.

Romania: More Voices, Louder Voices – Empowered Voices

What? The scope of the project is to empower individuals with mental illness so that they are more willing and more able to fight stigma. How? To meet this aim, we propose to build an online platform and to train individuals with mental illness and their caregivers to generate content for the platform by: (1) showcasing the stigma trap; (2) telling their own story in words; (3) telling their own story in pictures.

February 26, 2013

Romania: Transylvanian Online Cook Book

We are trying to encourage and preserve the Transylvanian way of living,make it heard through generations-old stories and recipes. Transylvania is a very special region in Romania due to its multicultural and multiethnic influences. We will create an online platform where anyone can post their traditional recipes, pictures along with a special story they have about it, and we ourselves will record,take pictures and share some stories on our own.